“Beach Cruiser” Byrnes Resurfaces In Rec Softball League

Not a week after he was released by the Seattle Mariners, Eric Byrnes has resurfaced with a new team in a new city: Dutch Goose, a Bay Area rec league softball team owned by Byrnes’ longtime friends.

The 34-year-old told MLB.com about his newest ballclub, and also went on record as saying that he feels he has played his last major league game. Byrnes now plans to devote himself to a family-owned clothing company, as well as explore opportunities in sports broadcasting. The ex-outfielder once hosted his own radio show and has worked for Fox during the network’s coverage of postseason baseball.

And then of course there’s the softball team.

“This is going to be a blast,” Byrnes said in the article. “Playing with my buddies. I can’t wait for my first hit. I’m going to ask for the ball.”

Finishing his Mariners career with a .094 average, the notorious Lance Armstrong wannabe might be waiting awhile for that first base knock. We’ll have to wait and see.

Performance aside, Byrnes is still making $11 million this year as arguably the highest-paid player on the Dutch Goose roster. He can thank the Arizona Diamondbacks for making that possible. At least his Goose teammates know who they can count on to pick up the tab at the post game BBQ. Right, Beach Cruiser?

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