Terrence Jones Reconsidering Washington

Multiple sources have confirmed that Jefferson High School (Portland, Ore.) basketball recruit Terrence Jones is not yet a member of the Washington Huskies.

Along with former high school teammate Terrence Ross, Jones announced in a press conference on Friday afternoon that he would be committing to play college basketball at the University of Washington. Shortly thereafter, the story took a turn for the worse for Dawg fans.

Reports indicate that minutes after the press conference was complete, Jones received a phone call from University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari. Jones then spoke with Calipari for approximately fifteen minutes with what Percy Allen of The Seattle Times described as a “pained” look about him.

Following the phone conversation with Calipari, Jones huddled in the gym with his close friends and family to further discuss his decision. The Letter of Intent he was supposed to send to Washington and coach Lorenzo Romar remained untouched nearby.

Interestingly enough, Jones admitted to reporters earlier in the afternoon that he was unsure of his college choice up until the moment he made his decision by picking a Washington hat off a table in the midst of the press conference. That uncertainty apparently carried over into the evening.

As of 7:00 p.m., Jones’ LOI remains unsigned and he is once again mulling his future options, which now include Kentucky.

More to come as this story develops.

8 thoughts on “Terrence Jones Reconsidering Washington”

  1. Coach Cal needs to die in a fire. Any self-respecting UK fan should recognize this and be disgusted that their “storied” program is now represented by a self-centered snake who will most likely be coaching Lebron James and the New York Knickerbockers next year.

  2. Sarkisianity………..You are a A$$hole for making a statement like that. The kid can go wherever he wants but to wish someone to die in a fire for something that you don’t know for sure. Man you have a real problem and really need help. I have read on these sites where people have caled Coach Cal all kinds of names and said things he has done that are not true, example, took Orton from Memphis to UK when Billy Clyde sign Orton for UK. I don’t know what you UK/Coach Cal Hates problem is and why you have to say things that are untrue and unfounded. All you do is make yourself look like an fool. I live in Memphis and I’ve heard Tiger fans make statements about Cal that they know is a lie when they make then but they do it anyway. I just hope your Statement and your wish doesn’t come back to haunt you

  3. Katbluefan: I may have let my emotions get the better of me, but at least I have a command of the English language and its rules on grammar and syntax.

  4. Sarkisianity……When I’m upset with someone like you I will make mistakes with my grammar and typing. But my mistakes are nothing compared to your stupid statement. I can live with my mistakes, can you live with what you said if something was to happen to Coach Cal or are you that Black Hearted ? That is part of the problem with these sites, people come on here, talk trash about someone they don’t know and think it’s cool. Lies are never cool

  5. hey Katbluefan
    saying it was a stupid statement, thats your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think more of the problem not many many people like Coach Cal is that instead of congradulating Terrence on his decision, his expression was pained.

  6. Yeeeeep…….But do we really know why he has a pained expression ? Some say Cal called him and some say he called Cal, Do you really know the “Truth”, I didn’t think so. Don forget, these are 18yr. old kids and as someone stated, what most are thinking about is who will get them to the NBA $$$$ fist. I DO NOT like the “ONE or TWO and DONE” system myself but we deal with what is handed to us. The problem starts with the NBA, then the next is the NBA fan, next NCAA. I have said this and I believe it. If we the people would stop watching and going to all pro games until the prices was reduced to normal levels and NBA adopted a system like MLB a lot of our problems with kids staying in school would be solved. It may not solve it but it would help

  7. And I completely understand that, and Kentucky probably would be a good place for Jones if he did want to be a one and done. And I don’t know the truth, I’m just a fan.

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