Farewell, Big Walt

You all know the stats (just 23 sacks in over 5,000 passing attempts, with two of those being relinquished in a 2008 game where he was injured).

You all know about the longevity (13 seasons with the Seahawks, 180 games played, 180 games started).

You all know about the greatness (Mike Holmgren once referred to Walter as the greatest offensive player he had ever coached, while a laundry list of superstar defensive players have called him the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced).

What you may not know is that Walter Jones was so ridiculously obscure, so humble, and so underrated for what he did that a Google Image search returns more pictures of the guy by the same name who played the original black Power Ranger than of No. 71.

Yep. It’s kind of funny the way you don’t notice a great offensive lineman until he’s gone. And Walter was once of the greatest. Ever.

We wish you well, Walter. And we’ll see you in five years, in Canton.

One thought on “Farewell, Big Walt”

  1. First ballot HOF easy, best LT in NFL history. And theres a lot to be said about someone so succesful that doesn’t want/need attention on his way out like certain people that may/may not stay in retirement.

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