Seattle Bing Newest Team You Will Continue To Ignore

Word has it that the Seattle Storm have been hijacked and relocated to Oklahoma City. Not that you care.

Anyways, they’ve been replaced by the Seattle Bing. So enjoy that.

The team is reportedly looking into signing Chandler Bing, thus making him the first WNBA player in history to wear his name on the front and back of his jersey. The fact that he has a penis and is therefore likely not eligible to be a part of the league is irrelevant. Likewise, the fact that he is fictional is also irrelevant.

For those not in the know, Bing is the name of Microsoft’s new search engine launched within the past year. Apparently, AdultFriendFinder wasn’t willing to put up the same advertising dollars for product placement across these ladies’ chests. Go figure.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Bing Newest Team You Will Continue To Ignore”

  1. LOL! Good one. I liked the part about Chandler Bing.

    But in all seriousness, this is getting out of hand. First the Sounders, now the Storm. I mean, I can understand having “Xbox 360” and “Bing” in like a patch in the corner of the jersey, but as the biggest letters? Are you kidding? Those poor girls are walking billboards for a search engine that Microsoft is still trying to use to compete with Google, but to no avail.

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