Seattle Sportsnet Goes To Japan

No, not really.

The whole “Goes To Japan” thing is a nod to movie sequels from the ’70s and ’80s. Such as The Bad News Bears Go To Japan. It could have read “Seattle Sportsnet In Breaking Training” but not as many would get that, I’d imagine.

Anyways, I’ve had a busy weekend, hence the lack of updates on the site here. But what was there to talk about really? The M’s split a pair of games, Phil Mickelson won at Augusta. That’s about it.

Me, on the other hand, I had tons of stuff to do. Ran a race, visited a farm in Burlington, watched a mother sheep poop on her baby sheep’s head (apparently it happens a lot), lost one game night, dominated another game night, hung out at Greenlake, celebrated my dog’s first birthday, drank a bunch in celebration of the birthday, got into a “violent situation” with the parking Nazis of the homeowner’s association with a few other people, had the police called as a result, talked to the county sheriff (he was not amused…with the parking Nazi who decided to call the police, that is), and almost managed to squeeze in a nap. It was a good weekend.

Today it continues with the home opener for your Seattle Mariners. In a couple hours, we’ll be headed down to Safeco Field to watch the M’s exact revenge on the Oakland A’s, and with any luck you’ll be joining us. First pitch is 3:40 this afternoon, and it should be a great time. Let’s just hope the hometown nine can get back on the winning track.

Until tomorrow, we bid you adios.

Enjoy the home opener, and Go Mariners!

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