The End of Seattle Sportsnet

First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all the people — the readers, the “fans,” the Facebook friends, the sponsors — who have made Seattle Sportsnet what it has been over the past 17 months. There is no way I can fully express my gratitude to all of you for helping make this venture a success.

Second, I want to try and explain my decision to call it quits.

When I started Seattle Sportsnet back in November, 2008, we were in the midst of a dark cloud in this city’s sports history. All our teams were losing, and not six months earlier we had had the Sonics taken from us. We weren’t more than a few days removed from the death of our beloved Tuba Man, and it seemed to me that our fan base was dwindling. As a student at the University of Washington, I couldn’t walk from one class to the next without seeing some bandwagon rider wearing a Boston Red Sox cap, or a Los Angeles Lakers jersey, or a New York Yankees t-shirt. It was absolutely depressing.

So I did what most people only do in their Facebook statuses and on their Twitter accounts: I vented. I vented on these pages and spilled my life, more or less, into print.

There were days when I would ramble on about nothing, and some of those worthless rants became the best material. On other occasions, I put thought and care into stories that became like a Nicholas Sparks novel. Sometimes I hit a home run. Other times I struck out.

There were times when people loved the words, reflected the emotion. There were other times when people disagreed, got upset, and let me have it.

The good times always outweighed the bad, however. For every nasty email I ever received, there were ten or twenty positive ones. People sent words of encouragement, words of support, compliments, thank-yous, and just generally shared their feelings on Seattle sports. It was people like that who kept me going, gave me the confidence to keep writing, made all of this enjoyable, and brought satisfaction for every article that was ever published here.

I’ve been very lucky with the “fan base” that has followed me around, reading these pages on occasion and becoming part of my extended family, of sorts. And in case you’re wondering why “fans” and “fan base” are always in quotes, it’s not to belittle any of my readers or followers in any way. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of that. I truly don’t feel worthy of having anyone consider themselves a “fan” of this website. We are all fans of this city and its sports teams, together. Makes me no different than you. Anyone can do this.

Getting back on track here, I have had the great pleasure of meeting and interacting with so many different people thanks to Seattle Sportsnet. There are those of you out there who I now consider my friends, who I would have never met if I hadn’t purchased a domain name and scribbled my thoughts down. I’ve had the luxury of getting to know so many good people that it only further instills my faith in Seattle sports fans. In my mind, there are no greater fans in the world. And if you’re from another city and you support other teams, I wholeheartedly expected you to disagree with me. Because we should all be so representative of our own hometowns.

The fact of the matter is it’s time to move on. Our teams are winning again, the morale in our fair city has improved, and even though we don’t have the Sonics back just yet, I can only hope that they will return sooner rather than later.

I had two goals in mind when I started this website and I feel I’ve achieved them both: I wanted to mobilize Seattle sports fans, and also bring them together. Whether raising awareness about a topic that might have otherwise gone overlooked, ranting about some non-sensical issue in sports, or simply stating an opinion on something that someone, somewhere would find interesting, I’ve tried my very best to represent the average Seattle sports fan while remaining true to myself. It was never difficult to blend both those aspects. If I wasn’t writing, I’d just be another dude that liked to sing both the boy and girl parts on 80s R&B duets, while simultaneously enjoying a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Lending that personality to the local sports scene only made sense.

To say goodbye in proper fashion, I leave you with the following video. It takes a real man to sing the praises of the entire world, and I feel that Rick Astley truly does that.

On one final note, Happy April Fool’s Day.

And let me add that this site isn’t going anywhere.

All those nice things I said were the truth, though. Just in case you thought I was being insincere. Because I wasn’t.

I’d also like to mention that whenever we do stop this train, it’d be nice to ride off into the sunset on Carlos Silva’s shoulders. He’s a large burro.

11 thoughts on “The End of Seattle Sportsnet”

  1. Pretty good one, you were as good as deleted from my favorites!

  2. wow, ive seen so many of these on the internet that im simply not believing anything right now. its impossible to get me ! :)
    unless you tony kornheiser, lol. on PTI, i though tiger was actaully going to want to be called by his real name. they got me good on that one.

  3. Totally fell for that one.

    Better than all the sorority girls having facebook statuses saying they’re pregnant or engaged or whatever.

  4. I’d have believed the title of your post if it was any other date. The reality is it seems every blog has some kind of April Fool’s post today.

  5. Phew! With the Big Picture kicking the bucket a few months back, I was starting to wonder where I would go to put off not doing my work.

  6. DUDE. It still feels like ‘The Big Picture’ just ended. Too soon. Thanks for filling me with a sense of melancholy. Anyway, nice one Alex.

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