Attention National Media: The Mariners Can And Will Win The AL West

A few weeks ago, everyone agreed that the Mariners were the team to beat in the American League West. Just a handful of days later, those same people have jumped off the wagon and are now forecasting a last-place finish for our boys in teal.

Besides an injury to Cliff Lee, what the hell prompted this abrupt change in attitude? Could it be that most of these pundits didn’t know what they were talking about in the first place? That’s my guess, and it’s why I still believe the M’s will win the division and make the playoffs for the first time in nine years.

It pisses me off that the national media wastes so much time bagging on Seattle. The Mariners can’t make the playoffs. The Huskies can’t make the NCAA Tournament. The city can’t have an NBA team. Well, screw that. That’s why we’re here. To put a stop to this garbage.

Fact is, the majority of these self-proclaimed “insiders” and “experts” make their homes two-to-three-thousand miles away from our fair city, and none of them know much about us save for what they see on paper. Cliff Lee has a strained abdomen? Clearly that will result in the Mariners losing twenty more games this year. Right. My ass, it will.

If you’re a Seattle sports fan, don’t listen to these idiots. You or I could do the job of a Buster Olney or an Andy Katz or a Seth Davis just as easily as they do. Is it really that hard to run off at the mouth like an expert for a few minutes in front of a camera? Hell, no. Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of people who have appeared on TV and had success while simultaneously being not that bright. Paris Hilton, for one. Pat Robertson, for another. Tyra Banks, for a third. If they can do it, so can the likes of Olney, Katz, and Davis. It’s easier than it looks, they just happen to make it seem difficult.

I’m not worried one bit about Cliff Lee’s torso, Erik Bedard’s shoulder, or this team’s relative lack of pop in the lineup. This team proved a season ago that they can flat-out win ballgames, and I’d argue that a good chunk of winning is believing you can win. This team believes they can win, they’ve won before, and they’ll continue to do so. And just so we’re all clear, ballgames are won on the playing field, not in the press.

You want to tell me about the Los Angeles Angels? They used to be good, but they’re yesterday’s news. They lost a lot in the offseason and it will be just enough to cost them the division.

You think the Texas Rangers have what it takes? Wake me up when their pitching staff’s ERA goes off steroids.

You like the Oakland A’s? Please. They’d have trouble competing in Triple-A this year.

Of course, everyone out there is entitled to their opinion. But so am I. And I think that a lot of the people entitled to sharing their opinions don’t know their ass from a gaping void in the earth.

So let me tell you something, Seattle sports fans. If you’re going to listen to anyone, listen to us. The M’s might have some issues, but what team doesn’t? And in this crapfest that is the American League West, any team is bound to win the division in any given year. This year, why can’t it be the Mariners?

The simple truth of the matter is it can be the Mariners, and in my humble opinion it will be the Mariners. Don’t get down on yourself, Seattle, and don’t let others get down on you, either. If we believe it can happen, it will happen. This is the year. Be optimistic.

And if nothing else, let’s just use all this national pessimism as motivation to shove it right up the naysayers’ butts. In your face, world. This is Seattle’s party.

2 thoughts on “Attention National Media: The Mariners Can And Will Win The AL West”

  1. Great article. This offseason was one of so much drama leading to anxiety for the upcoming season. “Seattle is the most improved team in the league. They are the runaway pick for AL West champions.” This is all I heard for months and months. I couldn’t wait to read things like this and just laugh at people who really believed that. Currently 24-41 and flirting with the worst record in the league, the Mariners once again prove they play in the city with the dumbest fans in the country. I’ll save you a seat for October baseball in Arlington if you want to watch how the big boys play.

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