There’s Always The Bigger Dance

The 2010 Big Dance has been an epic year of upsets and last-second victories. Unfortunately, that has led to the absolute destruction of everyone’s brackets.

Not to worry, sports fans.

If you enjoy filling out brackets, sports radio 950 KJR’s Bigger Dance will kick off next week and allow you the chance to pick 64 more winners, as well as the 2010 Queen of the Hardwood.

The Bigger Dance begins with a selection show next Tuesday as 32 pairings of celebrity females are revealed. From there, fans are asked to pick the winners of each matchup, all the way down to the final game. The fans with the best brackets will receive a host of prizes to be unveiled in the coming days.

Last year, we did our part to keep you in the bracket-busting mood with our official Bigger Dance predictions. At one point, we were amongst the Top 20 participants in the overall pool. Let’s just say we know our women.

This year, we’ll bring you more of the same, making Seattle Sportsnet your home for 2010 Bigger Dance analysis.

For more information on the 2010 Bigger Dance, check out 950 KJR’s Bigger Dance Bracketology page, or become an official fan on Facebook.

Because we might not have anyone left in the Final Four, but at least we know hot chicks when we see them.

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