Peter Nowak Is A Disgrace

After losing 2-0 to the Sounders FC on Thursday night, Philadelphia Union head coach Peter Nowak decided the best way to deal with the inevitable barrage of losses that will follow his subpar expansion team around all season would be to accuse opposing players of being cheaters. Fantastic.

In a sport littered with flopping, dishonest behavior, and oft-suspect injuries, Nowak chose to single out Sounders FC forward Freddie Ljungberg as the sole perpetrator of all three traits. Never mind that Ljungberg is one of the best players in MLS or one of the better players in the entire world. And who the hell is Peter Nowak, anyways?

An article by The Seattle Times’ Josh Mayers does a good job of capturing Nowak’s misguided emotions. To briefly paraphrase:

“There’s guys rolling around on the pitch like they got shot,” said Nowak in a postgame news conference. “I think we need to recognize there are guys doing this stuff and trying to take advantage of the referee decisions. I expect someone like Freddie Ljungberg, who has scored so many goals and played hundreds of games with the national team, and won so many trophies, would be more honest than he is.

“He is complaining and whining about missing a goal, and trying to push the referee for a yellow card is not up to his standards. We both played the game, and I believe when you play the game you not only try to win, but try to be honest with your effort.”

Really, Nowak? You really want to go there? Fine. Let’s do this.

Peter Nowak is an effing moron. If he doesn’t know better than anyone that this kind of garbage goes on throughout the world of soccer, than maybe he should stop drinking the Union Kool-Aid (probably a nice shade of gangrene blue, by the way) and pull his head out of his ass.

Maybe Ljungberg did dive. Maybe he did fake an injury. But guaranteed a handful of Nowak’s minor-league-caliber Union players have done the same thing at one time or another, too. And if they haven’t yet, they will.

Video from Seattle’s 2-0 victory over Philadelphia, courtesy

Everyone knows that a big reason why soccer has yet to fully catch on in America is because of this type of behavior. But for Nowak to see himself as some sort of self-righteous ambassador of truth and honesty is a joke. A European-born footballer who stands 5’6″? The only thing he represents is Napoleon and the complex of the Little Man.

Fredy Montero and Steve Zakuani celebrate their ass-kicking of the Union.

Take your losing like a man, Nowak. No sense in being a poor sport when you can’t even show up and put some points on the board. Get someone to teach you how to act like you’ve been there before, win or lose, and stop shooting off at the mouth like you’re something special. This is America, where everyone knows we handle our petty differences with physical violence, not catty remarks in the press.

You’re like a Gossip Girl, or a holier-than-thou trisexual cast member from The Real World. Someone should get you a reality show on the Oxygen network where you can properly release your menstrual frustration. Maybe they could get you onto The Real Housewives of New York and you can bitch and moan about your life being so difficult because someone talked trash about you behind your back.

You’re pathetic, Nowak. Get a grip on your meaningless existence and leave our players alone. You’re messing with the wrong team.

4 thoughts on “Peter Nowak Is A Disgrace”

  1. Maybe you wouldnt have fat fingers if you actually got off your ass and played any type of sport.

  2. @phatfingers

    You wrote 5 total words and managed to completely mangle the English language. ‘Who cares’ ought to be punctuated with a ?. ‘MLS’, standing for Major League Soccer, doesn’t need ‘soccer’ at the end of it. Also, you’re a douche. Obviously you care about because you clicked on the article AND commented.

  3. hahaha Who is Peter Nowak?? dont write about football if you dont know the game. Unbelievable

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