Cougars In Disarray, Homis To Blame

What is homis?

DeAngelo Casto was arrested and cited for assault on Friday morning. Cougar fans are up in arms.

One Cougar fan provided this detailed, eyewitness depiction of the events leading up to Casto’s arrest:

“[Casto] tried to get into a party at a live-out up on B St. and the door duty would not let him in.  He started swinging at people and gave one of the guys a black eye with a sucker punch and was subsequently pushed down the stairs.  Casto then put the Fraternity presidents head into a wall, giving him a gash. They called the cops…Don’t shoot the messenger, this was an eye witness account from someone who lives at the house.”

In other news, Reggie Moore has started a rumor that he could transfer to Washington on his Twitter account. Cougar fans, once again, are up in arms. is providing this subscriber-only article on Reggie Moore’s use of the word “homis” (aka “homies”) in his tweets. Apparently, they’re still waiting on UrbanDictionary over there in Pullman. Grade-A premium content from the staff at the Cf.C.

5 thoughts on “Cougars In Disarray, Homis To Blame”

  1. Some recent follow-ups via Reggie Moore’s Twitter account

    ~4:00 p.m., 3/27: I’m not tranferring..why would I?

    ~8:00 p.m., 3/27: @Isaiah_Thomas2 bout to get me in trouble, man you know people ain’t got no common sense hahaha

    ~9:00 p.m., 3/27: I’m not tranferring..why would I?—no no no no no, please don’t start this!!

    If I was a Cougar fan, I’d be a little disappointed that Reggie thinks I have no common sense. But personally, I think Cougar fans are being unfair to the guy. He’s a good player who doesn’t deserve this crap, homis or no homis.

  2. Alex, congratulations!! Another terrible post!! Maybe you should check out Isaiah Thomas’ Twitter posts as well. If you are going to criticize grammar….go the extra mile and do some research! I think that would be great for you!

  3. Silver Surfer, that’s where you wrong. I was merely criticizing the folks at who initially criticized Moore’s grammar. Come on, you knew that! You’re smarter than you appear, I’m almost positive.

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