Yes, that is Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes in the old-school teal M’s caps.

You’ll notice Nate Robinson on the lower right. Rajon Rondo directly to his left.

The trio of former Huskies and the ex-Kentucky Wildcat chartered a jet to fly direct to Syracuse from Boston for their respective schools’ Sweet 16 games.

I don’t know about you, but if there was such a thing as narrating a photo with a celebrity voiceover, we’d have to get Ludacris to do this one. Pimpin’.

Photo courtesy Jon Brockman’s TweetPhoto account.

2 thoughts on “Gangster”

  1. I love Nate flashin’ the dubs!

    Jon’s a future country music star.

    Spencer does wear the most badass Seattle stuff. He may have left us, but he earns some serious credit in terms of how much he reps his hometown of Hippies. Haha, actually, Spencer is a hippie. Just a very confused one.

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