Facebook Fan Page of the Week: Darington Hobson

The newest Husky fan page on Facebook isn’t devoted to any members of the University of Washington student body, nor any sports teams, nor anything to do with the school at all. In fact, the newest Facebook page for Dawg fans is entitled, simply, Darington Hobson.

Hobson, the star of the New Mexico basketball program, is Public Enemy No. 1 for Husky fans this week after he slandered the Washington basketball team following Saturday’s NCAA Tournament game between the two ballclubs. After the Huskies handily dispatched the Lobos, Hobson was quoted as saying that the Dawgs “played the best game of their life tonight” and “[are] not even that good.” Whoops.

Since then, Hobson’s tiny page (which had roughly 200 members on Saturday) has ballooned (relatively) to 258 fans over the past 48 hours. The page wall has turned into a Husky fan forum, with purple-and-gold faithful ripping Hobson mercilessly for his ill-fated words of regret. A few Hobson followers (around five, maybe) have attempted to defend their superstar swingman, but to no avail. This fall from grace is Tiger Woods-esque, only perhaps worse, since Hobson has no real talent to fall back on.

All we really know about Darington Hobson now is that he’s gone into hiding, or perhaps rehab. I don’t know. All I know is one sentence — “They’re not even that good.” — has changed the entire complexion of Hobson’s being, and Husky fans are having a field day with it.

Thank you for uniting us, Darington. Best of luck in the future.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Page of the Week: Darington Hobson”

  1. Darington’s apology, via his personal Facebook page:

    “i apologize to the UW Mens team and coahces for my comment they are clearly a great team and def out played us. i was frustrated and didnt mean what was said sorry to the program and the fans !! I was wrong !”

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