Dear Seth Davis…

This is what it looks like to cross the Huskies.

Dear Seth Davis,

After the first two rounds of this year’s NCAA Tournament, do you still feel you deserve to keep your job?

Eagerly awaiting your response.


Every Husky fan ever.

We’re going to the Sweet 16, Dawg fans!

Never count out Washington! We get it done.

Go Dawgs!

9 thoughts on “Dear Seth Davis…”

  1. While the Huskies have been playing their best basketball of the season right now, did their body of work over the course of the season make the pundits predictions that big of a surprise?

    I don’t mean to troll, I’m just saying that this is a team that was on the bubble probably until they beat Stanford in the Pac-10 Tourney.

    Congrats on the wins, but I’d venture to guess Seth Davis feels fairly secure in his job.

  2. Just thought the world should know Hobson is a soooore loser “They played the best game of their life tonight,” Hobson said. “They’re not even that good. They just played a good game tonight. We weren’t ready, and they beat us.”

  3. Anyway anyone can grab Hobson’s phone number so we can let him know how much UW fans agree with him?

  4. My message to Darington…(thanks for the link!!!)
    First off, lets get one thing straight, UW>>>>NM, I think we’ve all seen that, some of us closer to the action than others, although not exactly doing anything in the game. And really, UW isn’t that good??? So you lost to a team that “isn’t that good” by 20 points? What is New Mexico then, the worst team in college basketball? The press doesn’t think so, or at least they didn’t. Now lets stop being a whiny bitch and accept the fact that the Washington Huskies are a better team than the New Mexico Wolves(that’s Lobos in American if you didn’t know…) and they proved it on the court Saturday. I think this game showed exactly how immature you are and trashed whatever draft stock you may have had. You aren’t ready for the NBA, stay in college for another year, and hey, maybe UW and NM can play again next year, and we can prove that the Huskies are the better team…again! So, go get comfy on your couch while you watch the Dawgs dance.

    Thanks for you time

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