Shall We Dance?

Out of fear that I might jinx their good fortune, I purposely avoided talking about the Huskies in recent days.

When they beat Oregon State, I didn’t say anything.

When they beat Stanford, I didn’t say anything.

But now that they’ve toppled the vaunted Cal Bears and won the Pac-10 Tournament Championship in the process, it’s time to talk.

We’re going to the Big Dance, baby!!!!

Congratulations to the 2010 Pac-10 Champs, the Washington Huskies! Go Dawgs!

6 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?”

  1. Big thank you to KIRO 7 for immediately cutting to local news and not showing any postgame festivities… My favorite part was them saying “The Huskies won the PAC 10 tournament” and then cutting immediately to a story about dead fish where the first line was “that’s horrible”. I can only think has penetrated the local news media…

  2. so you talked shit about IT forever. I think you owe an apology. He has scored and passes and you were an elitist bitch and never celebrated his good moments. Seriously, get off your high horse not everyone is BROY. You are the Stacy Patton of blogs.

  3. RE:IT,
    Criticism was warranted, dude was being sorta inconsistent. Def has stepped it up hardcore this past month, can’t wait to see him and MBA light it up next year

  4. You’re welcome. Without someone talking a little trash to him (see: the playground) he might not have turned his performance around.

  5. AND a BIG thank you Alex! Somebody needed to keep IT’s head from exploding, without your timely comments the Huskies wouldn’t be where they are today (now don’t let this go to your head!). Obviously your words had some effect cause he read them and the results were nothing short of miraculous….IT should be thanking you (and THE TRUTH too!).

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