Because No One Should Forget About Khalid El-Amin

Even if he was on the team that booted Washington from the NCAA Tournament back in the day.

Khalid was my hero in middle school. Fat kids rarely find heroes in sports. Outside of guys like John Kruk, David Wells, and Babe Ruth, the options are limited.

Thank goodness for Khalid El-Amin.

And who doesn’t like watching the Hemofarm Stadavs go down, am I right? Effing Stadavs.

4 thoughts on “Because No One Should Forget About Khalid El-Amin”

  1. I’d also like to add that the best part of this entire video is the fact that it’s all jump shots. Like a slap in the face to those teenagers with their dunking mixtapes.

  2. Poker Face as the background music on a basketball highlight reel…not something you see every day. Classic.

  3. Sometimes our readers write us with the best stuff:

    “Hey Alex,

    Glad to hear you’re not a Stadav fan. They can take their 4,058 seat capacity arena and sell it out all day. Won’t make the Stadav’s any stronger no matter how many times they crack into the double digits in the decible level. The next time I see Boban Marjanovic will be one time too many. Anyways, thanks.

    -Jeremy S.”

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