The Official Ernie Kent Caption Contest

Back in the day, Ernie Kent caption contests were a fun way to pass the time on Husky fan forums and message boards. Now, we invite you to participate in the inaugural EKCC on the pages of SeattleSportsnet.

The rules are simple: We give you an image of Ernesto, you type a caption to go along with the image in the comments section. Best caption wins. In the process, everyone has a great time and gets a good laugh.

Here’s your image, sent to us by loyal reader Michael L.:

Now get to it! And don’t be shy, feel free to say what’s really on Ernie’s mind in this photo.

30 thoughts on “The Official Ernie Kent Caption Contest”

  1. I can’t believe these idiots are paying me all this money to watch ymca style pickup basketball, sit and watch recruits come in just because of our huge ass arena, and act like I’m coaching by yelling someting that would make bill walton sound like a basketball genius once every 5 games. I love my job!

  2. WHAT?! Tiger woods cheated on his wife and he didn’t even have to go to Mexico? THIS IS SOME BULL…

  3. I like to think this is the face he made when he found out he’s still #1 on the list of most hated Kents. Just ahead of his son and the city itself.

  4. Little could Mr. Kent have known that just 20 minutes prior to this moment, fans of the opposing team had soaked his entire underwear drawer with an experimental odorless, colorless hot sauce.

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