Chip Kelly vs. John Canzano: The Only Winner Here Is Everyone Else

Click here for the radio interview.

I don’t know how anyone could listen to this and not come away feeling like a better person.

The war of words between egotistical, d-bag journalist and embattled football coach produces no winners and two big losers.

Kelly spends 18 minutes of talk time sounding like he’s on the verge of tears.

Canzano seizes the opportunity to tell you about his entire journalistic background, pausing only to iterate and reiterate the same questions over and over and over again.

For the first time in my life, I actually feel bad for someone affiliated with the University of Oregon athletic department. Kelly has effed up royally, and backed into a corner, he can’t properly handle the situation. Instead he panics, letting this monstrosity of an interview drag out for what seems like hours, dodging questions with questions of his own, and empowering Canzano, who takes way too much pleasure in verbally sodomizing the head Duck.

Somebody get Ernie Kent out there to take the blame for this mess. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

2 thoughts on “Chip Kelly vs. John Canzano: The Only Winner Here Is Everyone Else”

  1. This was priceless.

    Makes me so grateful for the class that we have at UW right now. From the administration, to the coaching, to the players, to the students and fans.

    Great day to be a Husky!

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