The Impact of Dawg Pack Dirt

With the Husky men’s basketball team’s final regular season home game now behind us, it’s time to discuss a year of controversy surrounding Dawg Pack Dirt.

The gameday info sheet written by students, for Husky fans, and produced on these pages has created an absolute sh*tstorm over the past four months.

We’ve received compliments, complaints, national recognition, threats of physical violence, threats of legal action, and even threats on our lives in response to the work we’ve done to give Washington one of the best home court advantages in the nation. With a 17-2 home record and facing the prospect of our own mortality at the hands of internet tough guys, we must be doing something right, right?

This is the sixth season that Dawg Pack Dirt has been compiled, and the first year where opposing team’s fans actually wanted to kill us. I guess humor is lost on nine of the ten Pac-10 schools or something. Publishing phone numbers doesn’t help the matter, either, I suppose.

Regardless of whether you love or hate the tradition (and there are a large number of people on either side of the debate), the fact remains that Dawg Pack Dirt has been one of the most influential pieces of propaganda in college basketball over the past few years.

It has helped the Washington Huskies establish and maintain their dominance at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.

It has helped UW fans become one of the more knowledgeable fan bases in the country.

It has riled opposing players and altered their abilities on Washington’s home court.

It has angered opposing team’s fans, who have in turn taken their frustration out on us (but unfortunately for them, we don’t play the game).

It has been the subject of an ESPN article, as well as various other publications on a local, national, and global level.

It has been lauded for its humor, and thorough approach to investigative research.

And most of all, it has been discussed, debated, and dissected by basketball fans all over the nation.

On message boards and websites, fans from every Pac-10 school have made Dawg Pack Dirt a point of contention this season. Fans from other schools outside the conference have chimed in their opinions, as well. If your college has yet to experience Dawg Pack Dirt, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

And while there are a handful of crazies out there who probably would kill us if given the opportunity, most individuals have been more or less receptive to the work our students have done, often times wishing aloud that their students would come up with a similar creation of their own.

The work can be tedious and the backlash severe, as everyone involved with the Dirt has seen. One angry fan from an opposing school went so far as to call the employer of one of our writers demanding that that person be fired. I guess creative expression isn’t tolerated in some parts of this country.

Like it or not, Dawg Pack Dirt will remain as the tradition it has become over time, dating back to the day I came up with the catchy title and a few statistical references in Suzallo Library back in 2004.

Sure, we might change a few things (phone numbers, for one, will no longer be published on this website…I’m sure they’ll still be a part of the student edition of the Dirt, however), but the overall idea will be the same and I’m guessing the split reactions will remain, as well.

To our student writers, who will be graduating at the end of this school year, I want to personally give my thanks. You turned a stupid little creation I wasted my time with into something much bigger, and for that you deserve proper accolades. At the same time, you helped unite an entire school’s fan base and brought attention to our corner of the country, and more specifically, to the University of Washington.

This has been a crazy year, to say the least, and my only hope is that it continues for years to come.

13 thoughts on “The Impact of Dawg Pack Dirt”

  1. Well said. When Aaron and I took over the dirt last year we had no idea that it would turn into this big of a thing this season. It has given all of us that took part in the dirt a reason to take pride in the fact that we have the greatest home court advantage in the nation.

    I’ll be honest and say that I’m happy I probably won’t be writing it again barring some NIT or CBI games. I think I’ve stretched my ability to write the dirt without caring about being chastised publicly to the limit. It was definitely fun to do during our time. I only hope that the Dawg Pack continues this tradition and becomes an even better student section that it is right now.

    If there is one tip I can give anyone that takes this over it’s always ask yourself, “Would the Pit Crew do it?” If the answer is yes, it’s probably not good to go there. (i.e. I found a picture of Nikola Dragovic with his girlfriend in a headlock. That’s Pit Crew) remember what makes the Dawg Pack better than everyone else. Smart students, clever students, and quality over quantity. Live for that little moment when you get a player to laugh, smile, wink, or do anything that isn’t normal on a basketball court.

    Thanks for the memories Dawg Pack! They are some of the greatest I’ll ever have.

  2. so who will continue the dawgpack dirt after the current students leave UW ? i was a part of the original dawgpack during Bender’s final year and Romar’s first 3 years and i’m damn proud to see the dawgpack continuing it’s madness at hec ed!

  3. Not sure. We have a few prospects we’ve talked to. We’re going to see who steps up and help them out in whatever way they need.

  4. Well written. I also think that this blog has made it easier for idiots to criticize the Dawg Pack dirt for 2 reason: first, it made the dirt posted in the public domain, and second, fans can post anonymously on this blog, which gives them the ability to have no recourse for the asinine things they write.

    Cheers to Nate and Aaron!

  5. And the countless other contributors from the Dawg Pack and Husky nation who helped get pieces of dirt and get it out. Truly a team effort.

  6. Do any of you guys know the name of the rap song with lyrics along the lines of ” say who say what say dawgs in the house”
    been looking for it for a while but I cant find it

  7. This was sure an up and down year for the Dawgs… I loved every home game and had a great time with the Dawg Pack fam. I am sure the dirt is a tough task, but we appreciate it. It really elevates the game to the next level.
    Thanks for another memorable season!

    Go Dawgs!!

    John- the song is by former football husky Alex Mercier… if you google Husky nation, I am pretty sure it comes up on myspace music.

  8. I’m a Cougar fan and thought it was great. Its good for a laugh, and if it works, more power to it. I think the problem that people had with it was the posting of phone numbers, but if they’re going to make that info public by putting it on Facebook, then anybody could get it, and I’m sure some enterprising students in the Dawg Pack or Zzu Crew or wherever would find it.

  9. The guys who complain about DPD, are 55 year old divorce-es who cannot get laid or have no grasp on life. I know for a fact, that students in the SEC and CUSA give out players numbers. But the douches fans complain about it and want to bring up a lawsuit. I say to those fans, enjoy the 50’s, I will tell you how it feels to get laid.

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