Jamere Holland Facebookgate

Of all the problems the University of Oregon has faced with their athletes in the past few months, this one is the best, the most entertaining, and the one you can learn the most from.

Jamere Holland, former wide receiver on the Duck football team, proved over the weekend that updating your Facebook status thoughtlessly can be as egregious an action as DUI, assault, theft, domestic violence, or even animal cruelty (some might call it cannibalism).

Holland, a redshirt freshman with a bad goatee, was dismissed from the program on Sunday after posting consecutive Facebook status updates that more or less destroyed his reputation for the next few years. Worse yet, the 21-year-old had not applied any of the social networking site’s privacy settings to his account, allowing anyone with a computer to view his entire user profile. Whoops.

Status update No. 1, from late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, is as follows:

“how the f*ck you kick kinko off the team… on some weak sh*t, niggas always faded he slipped up but ive been slippn up, and I’m still here, that sh*t weak buff cuh could have done damage for the ducks, that sh*t is weak, weak ass f*ck, quote me”

The “quote me” was a bold move. And in reality, I don’t think any of us know what Holland really said in the midst of that diatribe. It’s just never a good idea to fill your status updates with that many expletives.

Anyway, it gets worse. Here’s status update No. 2, posted a few hours after the initial misstep:

“chillin thinking of another status to f*ck with the readers heads. I wish I could block whites as friends and only have blacks LOL, cause apparently I’m misunderstood”

Eh. The sad fact is this is a 21-year-old adult who is typing this grammatically-challenged, R-rated goulash. If anything, this reflects worse on the academic curriculum at Oregon than on anything to do with the athletic department. It’s a shame that the post-secondary higher educational system has failed this young man.

Within hours of update No. 2, Holland was dismissed from the football team by head coach Chip Kelly, citing a “violation of team rules.” Apparently, the Oregon football program has a rule against updating your Facebook status. Mark Zuckerberg is probably disappointed.

Of course, the moral of the story is protect your Facebook account and don’t be an idiot. Holland, for one, has yet to learn from his own mistakes. His Facebook profile is, as of this moment, still unprotected. And the latest update, from 8:10 PM on Sunday night reads, “for the record I’m not a racist.”

You’re also not a football player anymore, Jamere.

4 thoughts on “Jamere Holland Facebookgate”

  1. Watching this implosion of the Oregon football team has given me nothing but satisfaction. Now if only they’d kick the players off the team who are actually doing horrible things and make Oregon a good team.

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