Dawgs Pursuing Triple-Double Machine Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis (in blue) takes a jumper in the 2009 WIAA State Tournament.

According to multiple sources, Todd Beamer High School (Federal Way, Wash.) senior Kevin Davis was on campus yesterday for Washington’s 97-68 victory over UCLA.

There are many of you out there who probably don’t know much about Davis, but he’s a unique case to say the least.

First, let’s examine the tangibles.

Davis stands a slender 6’8″ and is well-built despite his lanky stature. With long arms and deceptive quickness, the forward has been a stat monster throughout the ’09-’10 prep season.

Davis is averaging over 22 PPG for Beamer so far this year, and has recorded double figures in points in every single game. He has also earned his fair share of triple-doubles, a much rarer feat at the high school level than at higher levels, when game length (32 minutes, to 40 or 48 in the college or pros) and the team aspect are taken into account.

Davis is a low-post presence that has the ability to create or slash off the wing. He has been recognized as one of the better dunkers in the region, but must work on his shot to be effective at the next level.

And now for the intangibles.

Davis is a unique case at the high school level. First, he’s a fifth-year senior, being granted the extra year of coursework after a tumultuous junior year that resulted in his being cut from the basketball team. At the time, Davis was failing one class and simultaneously dealing with the pregnancy of his girlfriend, also a classmate at Beamer. Then-head coach Connie Richardson felt it was in the best interests of the team to part ways with the talented Davis.

One year later, Beamer had a new head coach in Brent Brilhante who made it his mission to get Davis back on track both on and off the court. The senior returned to the basketball team and finished the year averaging a double-double, with 16.3 PPG and 15.3 RPG.

Over the summer, Davis appealed and was granted a fifth-year of eligibility by the WIAA. The circumstances surrounding his lost junior season were enough to convince Washington State’s governing athletic body that the 19-year-old deserved a second chance, and so far this year he has made the most of it.

Because he’s such a late bloomer, college programs have been slow to catch on to Davis. Smaller Division-I programs, such as Idaho, have given the fifth-year senior a look, but Washington is the first major D-I school to be linked publicly to the recruit. Perhaps the team’s desperate need for frontcourt depth has brought them to Davis, but it could be a move that is for the best.

Davis has unlimited potential at the next level, and his physical presence combined with a mental maturity not often found in your typical 19-year-old could make him a star in college. Davis’ daughter was born in January of 2008, and the fact that the game is not his first priority could be a positive for a young man who already deals with his fair share of scrutiny from fans of opposing teams (taunts relating to his age, year in school, and fatherhood can often be heard at Beamer road games).

Though he may not have five stars next to his name, Kevin Davis is someone who could make a huge difference for a 2010-2011 Huskies team searching for post players. The fact that he has that hometown chip on his shoulder (think Brandon Roy, Will Conroy, Mike Jensen) makes this match all the more better.

Best of luck to Davis wherever he ends up.

Go Dawgs!

6 thoughts on “Dawgs Pursuing Triple-Double Machine Kevin Davis”

  1. Rough journey. I’m guessing if we offer him – he’s ours. He can get a world class education, at home, close to his friends, family, and child. Romar would take care of him too.

  2. I actually saw this guy play when I went to watch my cousin, who plays for Puyallup, go against Beamer. Romar was there for that game too. He is definitely very athletic-a really good shot blocker and dunker-but the only time he scored was off of dump offs from the guards or offensive rebounds. They never ran the offense through him, not even once. But I was a little impressed that he could have such an impact on the game without getting plays run through him, which is probably the role he would have at UW if he came here. However, Puyallup doesn’t have anyone over like 6’2″, so it was a little unfair at times.

  3. I really like this guy and think he could flourish in our system. He’s putting up Artem Wallace numbers (better, I’d wager) but doing it at the state’s highest classification (4A, as opposed to Wallace in 1A). The difference is Artem was a 4-star and Davis hasn’t even been rated. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

    Some people deserve a break. Kevin Davis is one of those people.

  4. He’s a complete work in progress. But the UW needs big man who can play defense and clog up that middle and rebound. You know he’s athltic, so all he needs now is coaching and practice. And going to UW he’ll get that. This could be a steal in the long run, because all he has is upside. Thing is, can he pass the SAT’s and have the grades ?

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