Huskies Gel Michael Roll’s Hair

Stacy Patton? Not tonight.

That was insane.

Can we pen our contract with ESPN now? Seems like when they come to town, we blow the roof off the arena.

You could pick almost any moment in the game and call it your favorite.

Maybe it was pregame, when Quincy Pondexter was honored on Senior Night.

Maybe it was late in the first half, when Isaiah Thomas knocked down three straight three-pointers. (Inspired, Isaiah?)

Maybe it was early in the second half, when Pondexter threw down a breakaway circus jam.

Maybe it was in the closing minutes, when the Sherrer Explosion went off.

Could be any of those moments, or many more.

For me, it was when Coach Bob Knight mentioned that UCLA’s Reeves Nelson looked like Apollo Creed. That was fantastic.

Go Dawgs!

One thought on “Huskies Gel Michael Roll’s Hair”

  1. It was such a fun night, for the fans, dawgpack, commentators, and best of all for the team. What a GREAT way for Quincy to go out with his last game at Husky stadium!! Gotta love it!

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