Dear Red Bull…

The Dawg Pack will begin a two-night campout starting this evening, in preparation for Saturday’s game against UCLA and the arrival of ESPN Gameday.

On a Jonathan Higgins side note, I remember my first time camping out for a basketball game. Stanford, 2004.

It was a cold evening, and in the middle of the night some Cardinal fans drove past and threw things at us. Some of us had no tents, including me, and in the morning I awoke to a homeless man standing at the foot of my sleeping bag. The very first Dawg Pack campout. Those were the days.

Anyway, if you are a local proprietor and want to help make this event a success, please stop by Hec Edmundson Pavilion on the north side of the arena anytime following the conclusion of tonight’s Husky basketball game against USC. Drop off food, drinks, and anything else that spirited college kids would enjoy on a chilly winter night and you won’t walk away disappointed.

Finally, if you work for Red Bull, now might be your greatest opportunity ever to pull in new consumers. I know how you guys love to send out your workers and hand out free drinks. Why not stop by on Friday night with about a truckload. These guys could use the energy. They’ll be spending 12 hours going crazy on Saturday and will need “wings” to get through the day (see that, I even plugged your slogan).

So help them out. They’ll love you for it, and I’ll even talk about you guys more than I already do. People listen to me. I’m kind of a big deal.

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