Dawg Pack Dirt: UCLA

Dawg Pack Dirt: UCLA

Volume 6, Issue 20, February 20, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

*Editor’s note: Join us on 950 KJR AM Seattle Friday night at 7:20 p.m., and again at 8:20 p.m. as we discuss the Washington-UCLA game, with a focus on the Dawg Pack!

Also, if you’re interested in contributing to next year’s Dawg Pack Dirt, we could use a few underclassmen to carry on the tradition as our current Dawg Pack correspondents will be graduating this spring. Please send us an email if you’re interested. Thanks!

The long wait is over and it’s finally here. ESPN’s College Gameday will be doing their infamous show from Hec Ed. That means that all of ESPN’s famous basketball media personalities will be present and we need to be absolutely crazy. This game really doesn’t deserve any hype, but this is our chance to show on a world stage just how insane the Dawg Pack is.

Everyone needs to come with tons of signs, face and body paint, and the willingness to be crazy all day. The side sections of the Dawg Pack are going to have to be just as loud and active as the middle section and that will get the rest of the arena into it. Do what you have to do to show the Gameday crew that purple is the color of royalty! We need every single person there to give everything they have to uphold our reputation as the class of college basketball student sections.

It’s also Senior Day so make sure to bring the love for Q-Pon, as it will likely be his last home game, barring some kind of unfortunate NIT or CBI appearance.

As for the Dawg Pack seniors, let’s go out in style. When we decided to bring back the Dawg Pack Dirt, the Dawgs were coming off of a couple of disappointing seasons.  The Dawg Pack stepped up, however, and helped the Huskies to a Pac-10 Championship last season.

We only hope that those underclassmen continue to uphold the Dawg Pack’s reputation as the best student section in the nation when we leave by keeping on with everything we do to make Hec Ed a house of horrors for opponents, as well as continuing to evolve the Dawg Pack into something greater than it currently is.

Thanks for all the great memories Dawg Pack!

The Game:

-UCLA Bruins at Washington Huskies

-Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 6:30 a.m. PST for the filming of ESPN’s College Gameday

-6:00 p.m. PST for the game

The ESPN Gameday Crew:

-We’re going to have to do a lot to impress the Gameday crew and wow them, considering they’ve seen some pretty good student sections this year. Make sure to interact with these guys all day long!

-Rece Davis is the host of Gameday. He called out the Dawg Pack and “Purple Nation” to “bring it” on Saturday in this video, so let’s not disappoint.

-Digger Phelps is known for his tie and highlighter that always match the home school’s color, so he better have purple. He is also the father-in-law of former Seattle Mariners pitcher Jamie Moyer. He has a desire to dance with cheerleaders as we found out when Gameday visited Clemson. Someone try to get him to come dance with the Dawg Pack.

-Bob “The General” Knight is known for his temper and his old school approach to coaching. He likes sweaters and pronouncing our great state as “Warshington”. We better give him a lesson.

*Editor’s note: The folks behind ESPN College Gameday have created their own Facebook event for this Saturday’s proceedings, and request that all of you who plan on attending make your presence known online.

On a side note, a Gameday crew member who contacted me directly urges all you students to practice your halfcourt shooting before Saturday. At some point during the event, a student will be chosen at random to take a shot from midcourt for a chance to win $10,000. Only two people have ever sunk the money shot in the history of Gameday, so this would be big news if a Husky fan could do it! And, just for being selected, you’ll take home $1,000! Be sure you show up!

The Team:

-UCLA is currently in a down year, but it’s still UCLA. They beat us on that depressing buzzer-beater earlier this season in Los Angeles.

-The Bruins have always struggled at Hec Ed, and we need to send their seniors out with four years of losses at Washington.

The Players:

#41 F Nikola Dragović (Sr.) will be making his last appearance in Hec Ed as one of our favorite targets of the past four years.

He is a native of Serbia who has had a little trouble with the law here in the U.S.

*Editor’s note: You can find a summary of his transgressions by clicking here.

Nikola has been arrested twice within the past two years on accusations relating to physical assault.

In 2008, he was taken into custody after allegedly beating his girlfriend (charges were later dropped).

Then, earlier this season, he was arrested for shoving a man into a glass case at a concert. He was released from prison on $30,000 bond (where the hell does this dude get his money?).

Worse yet, neither of his arrests brought much reprehension from coach Ben Howland or UCLA, and Dragovic remains at large as one of the Bruins’ top scorers.

Make sure to chant NIIIIIIIIKOOOOOOOLAAAAAAA! at the Serb throughout the game.

Here’s Nikola hanging out with a friend, as well as looking like the tool we all know he is.

#1 F Mike Moser (Fr.) has played 61 minutes in 11 games this season.

He has made one three-pointer in ten attempts (10%, math majors), has yet to make a free throw, and is shooting a robust 21% from the field. He also boasts an impressive 1/2.5 assist/turnover ratio. Seems to be a real good source of production for the Bruins…

#3 G Malcolm Lee (So.) claims on his Facebook page that he plays basketball because it’s the quickest way to get that “paper”.

*Editor’s note: You have to appreciate his love for the game.

#4 G Tyler Trapani (So.) is a walk-on and the grandson of legendary UCLA coach John Wooden. Even he has to realize that this is the only reason he’s on the team.

So far in two seasons for UCLA, he’s logged two minutes in two games.

You’ll recognize him as the only person on the floor that doesn’t look like he should be playing D-I basketball.

#10 G Mustafa Abdul-Hamid (Jr.) is the player that hit the buzzer-beating game-winning three against the Huskies when the Dawgs made their trip to L.A. earlier this year.

His real first name is Sean but he doesn’t like it.

He is 1-for-3 on free throw attempts this season, so make sure to let him know he needs to practice during warm-ups.

#11 F Reeves Nelson (Fr.) wins the award for “Scariest Looking Possibly-Not-Living Player in the Pac-10.” Anyone who has seen him on TV this season knows what I’m talking about. If you didn’t instantly scream in fright upon seeing a close-up of this guy midgame, consider yourself a strong person. Nelson’s zombie-like looks, combined with the awesome yin-and-yang tattoos on his arms will make him a good target for us all night.

Middle name is Bruce.

*Editor’s note: Fitting that this guy would even have a bad-ass middle name. I’ve used these references before, but like Venom to Spider Man or Wario to Mario, Nelson is like the villain version of Jon Brockman.

#13 F James Keefe (Sr.) is, as of Thursday, out for the season after injuring his shoulder.

#14 F Alex Schrempf (Fr.) is redshirting this season, but it should be noted that he is a Bellevue High School grad, and his dad is the famous Husky legend and former Seattle Supersonic, Detlef Schrempf.

#20 G Michael Roll (Sr.) is UCLA’s most productive player.

He enjoys “BBQn at shankle pankles,” whatever that means.

He is also a member of four Michael Roll fan clubs on Facebook.

*Editor’s note: A notorious abuser of styling gel, Roll has earned the dubious nickname “Spooge Hair” from some members of the Dawg Pack in recent years. Feel free to let him know that, gel or no gel, he’ll always be Spooge Hair to us.

You may also notice that his prized mop is receding quite nicely on top. This guy’s like Uncle Jesse from Full House when it comes to his ‘do, so feel free to pick on the fact that he’s balding as much possible.

#21 F Brendan Lane (Fr.) was recently told by his own mother, Lelia, on his public Facebook page to “clean his room.”

#22 C J’mison Morgan (So.) goes by the nickname “BoBo”, likely due to the missing vowel in his first name.

He is yet another Bruin that, at 44% on the year, is shooting less than 50% from the charity stripe.

#23 F Tyler Honeycutt (Fr.) can be reached at [edited for relevance]. As always, keep it classy. Just keep him awake.

His middle name is Deon.

#5 G Jerime Anderson (So.) can be reached at [edited for relevance].

Middle name is Anthony.

Final Notes:

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!


31 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: UCLA”

  1. Hey! My outlook doesn’t work, but I’m interested in writing Dawg Pack Dirt next year. I’m currently a sophomore and have had student tickets both years. I have a small group of guys who can uphold this amazing tradition! Email me back…

  2. You guys are a bunch of fucking fags. Leave the player’s god damn cell phone numbers off the page.

    PS- Your coach is a gigantic fucktard. Who uses religion to to manipulate recruits. I hope you guys lose every fucking game.

  3. Wow really? You Husky fans have stooped down to THAT level?

    Keep in mind that Tyler Honeycutt stays in Pauley til 1am shooting on his own and thats AFTER he is finished studying for his classes and practicing with the team.

  4. Your microbrews suck. And so do the fucking foo fighters and nirvana. They’re the only things more over rated than Isiah Thomas.

  5. For all the UCLA fans that are about to spout some self-righteous crap, we’ve done this for every game, and every week some annoying fans come on this site and act like loud-mouth idiots. Just be forewarned before we start considering you on the same level as oregon and washington state.

    And for the record, I went to the game at Pauley this year. Great place to watch a game and the fans were very nice. This is all in good fun and I’m sure the actual UCLA fans don’t need you bad apples tarnishing their image.

  6. So stop being a gigantic fag, and take the goddamn numbers down. I don’t give a flying fuck what you think of UCLA, it’s fans, or whatever. That’s not the fucking point you fucking assclown. Take down the fucking numbers. These are kids trying to play basketball, they don’t need to be called all night by some fucking losers who have nothing better to do on a friday night but prank call. That shit was cool in fucking 4th grade. There’s nothing self righteous about any of this shit, just do the right thing.

  7. I hope the game tomorrow is as close as the one in Pauley and the outcome is the same. Not in that the home team wins, but that a former walk-on hits a buzzer beater to win the game for us.

    Good Luck, Dawgs. Go Bruins!

  8. Haha i do love the anti phone number comments, were hanging out waiting for the game and just got called by one of the other bruins… literally my phone just went off with a text from him, he wanted to chat with us for a bit and didnt mind the texts at all. You may want to sign up for an anger management course though. 503-926-4281 – he’s friendly

  9. Your microbreweries do not hold a candle to the California microbreweries. Port, Stone, Alesmith, Russian River, Lost Abbey, Ballast point etc.

  10. Guys, come on, the one sunny 60 degree day you’ll have before June and you’re trying to brag? It was pouring like cats and dogs 2 weeks ago, cold as all hell and totally miserable. But I was like, “ahh, this is nice, I always wanted to try to live in Washington.”

  11. Yes, we all want to live in SoCal. Where the traffic and smog are only matched by the crime and prostitution.

  12. As somebody who’s lived in both Seattle and Southern California, both are great qualities of life. Anybody who trashes either place doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    For the Bruins fans reading this — your players’ numbers were in the public domain before this posting. Also, your student section is by far the worst out of any “elite” program in the country. Might want to work on that.

  13. Hey Tim Donaghy. I didn’t know UDub even had a student section until a few years ago when you began winning more than 4 pac 10 games a season. Oh yeah and just because their numbers are in the public domain is no reason for the douchebag losers on this site to publish them too. Anyone that would call is a total dick and deserves to be ass raped.

  14. Jason,

    I guess UCLA fans already think Husky fans are already at the level of Oregon because of this web page.

  15. Bruin, do you read your stuff before you post it? Who’s the assclown? Your probably one of those guys that wears a Brian Morrison jersey and a headband while watching the game on TV…..

  16. Bruin fan here, thinks it is funny you guys are publishing players phone numbers. If the #s are listed, it is fair game. Have fun.

  17. Bruin, tone down the homophobic rhetoric – as a rep for Bruins, you’re making this fellow Bruin sick to his stomach.

    I’ve no idea if posting opposing players’ telephone numbers and urging folks to call is common practice (or if The Den does the same), but it strikes me as a particularly bush league move, even by today’s standards. Publicly available or not, can’t you just be more clever at the game instead of resorting to harassment?

    Then again, I’m a purist who thinks fans should spend more time cheering FOR their team than AGAINST the opposing…

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