ESPN Desperately Needs Dawg Pack To “Do Something Special”

Click here to watch Rece Davis’ Gameday shoutout to UW

There’s no getting around the fact that Saturday’s men’s basketball game between the Huskies and the UCLA Bruins isn’t nearly as anticipated as it was six months ago.

The Huskies haven’t lived up to their early-season hype (going winless on the road until last Saturday will do that to you), and the Bruins have been a young team struggling to find their rhythm all year long.

ESPN probably wasn’t counting on such a lightly-heralded matchup when they scheduled their Gameday crew to appear live from Hec Edmundson Pavilion on the day of the contest.

But, as is the case, the Gameday crew will be broadcasting from the home of the Dawgs all day on Saturday and are doing anything and everything they can to generate excitement for this matchup. Which leads us to the above video.

Gameday host Rece Davis has more or less issued a challenge to Husky fans to give their greatest performance for Saturday’s game. What, Rece? Like we wouldn’t show up or something?

Alluding to great Gameday showings at California (lame) and Gonzaga (also lame), Davis asks “Purple Nation” to “do something special” on Saturday, which is a given based on the fan base this school has.

Without a doubt, this game WILL be about the fans. The two ballclubs involved are bubble teams at best right now, and ESPN will struggle to get people to watch this game on a national level.

So it really comes down to the Dawg Pack and the fan base as a whole.

Everyone knows the Dawg Pack is one of the greatest student sections in college basketball. But they’re going to have to pull a rabbit out of their hat for this one. The Pack has done big before. But this will have to be the biggest.

My challenge to Husky fans is to band together and make this day epic. It’s arguably the biggest stage this school has been on in years, and it will be viewed by millions of people worldwide.

Students, alums, cheerleaders, Harry…work together to make this day great. This event is free for everyone to attend, no ticket is required, and if you’re a Husky fan you should make it a point to get down there on Saturday and get yourself on TV.

Bring signs, be loud, wear purple, do crazy-ass stuff.

Do your homework, look up info on UCLA players, look up info on the Gameday crew (Rece Davis, Hubert Davis, Jay Bilas, Digger Phelps, and Coach Bob Knight), and do everything you can to interact with the show.

We’ll have your Dawg Pack Dirt here on these pages, as always, but it doesn’t hurt to dig up a little dirt on your own.

Together, we can do this!

Go Dawgs!

9 thoughts on “ESPN Desperately Needs Dawg Pack To “Do Something Special””

  1. Only dirt I know on Digger is that his daughter is married to Jamie Moyer. Not sure if that’s really dirt though. ha

  2. Garuntee Coach Knight brings up the Warshington @ Texas Tech game. That one would’ve been nice to rub in Knight’s face.

  3. BRING IT DAWG PACK! unfortunately, i can make it to gameday, but ill be at the game loud and proud

  4. Dawg Pack alumni must show up as well. This is a chance to actually be together for the morning show and participate in something that has been years in the making.

  5. I think that large pictures of all of the guys from long ago would be kind of fun whether it be short shorts or Army haircuts… or embarrassing performances by their teams.

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