Most Misleading Ad of the Superbowl: Dockers “Free Pants” Commercial

I don’t even like Dockers that much. I’m more of a jeans guy, though I prefer shorts, and I’d even go with Old Navy cargo pants before I rocked the stainless khakis.

But whatever. Free pants are free pants, so I bought into the gimmick and went to the Dockers’ website to get my complimentary slacks.

Lo and behold, after five minutes of unrewarded effort, I did not walk away with free pants. False advertising at its finest.

Instead, I was left with three email addresses being spammed (to a slight degree, and at my own behest) and a great deal of frustration.

Here’s how Dockers’ “free pants” promotion works.

You go to their website.

You click on the “free pants” link.

You type in your name, email address, gender, stuff like that.

You submit that information.

You are taken to a screen that asks you to click on a picture of a pair of khakis to see if you’ve won.

You click on the khakis.

You are told that you didn’t win, but are given a coupon for 15% off your next pair of Dockers as some sort of olive branch that’s supposed to make up for your loss. Like a nice, “Hey, sorry I kicked your ass, but here’s a hand to help you off the ground.” Thanks.

This should have been a commercial for a free 15% off coupon. Instead, they showed us a bunch of guys walking through a field in their underwear, which wasn’t funny or entertaining. Stupid Dockers.

You may have got some web hits thanks to your little promotion, but from now on, I’ll be buying my work pants from The Gap. Face.

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