Dawg Pack Gets More Pub

The Dawg Pack awaits a Husky free throw in Saturday's win over ASU. (Braden VanDragt/SeattlePI.com)

It’s been a hell of a year for the Dawg Pack.

From getting skewered on opposing team’s fan sites, to being lauded for their effort from those same opponents, to a spread in ESPN The Magazine, to helping the Huskies achieve a 16-1 home record thus far this season, the UW student section is without a doubt one of the most formidable fan bases in the entire country.

An article published Monday on The Sun Break — a local online news magazine run by a handful of accomplished writers — credits the Pack for the team’s successes, highlighting Saturday’s victory over Arizona State as a foundation for the claim.

“Even though these loud-mouthed bleacherites never dribble a ball or attempt a shot,” writes Seth Kelloen, “they appear to be the difference between the Huskies performing like a Final Four team or a CYO one.”

The article goes on to detail some of the finer pieces of material from Saturday’s contest — such as this very sign — and, in essence, legitimizes everything the Dawg Pack stands for.

Perhaps the most telling sign of the Pack’s growing fame is in the acknowledgment of their own name. In years past, everyone from fans and media members alike have been apt to refer to the student section as “The Dawg Pound.” And no, Snoop Dogg isn’t a Husky fan.

But these days, more and more folks are getting it right. The Dawg Pack. That’s what’s up.

2 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Gets More Pub”

  1. Though they keep calling it ‘The Dawg Pound’ on TV and we’re really much classier than that.

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