Bud Selig’s Erection

No, Bud. It'll be bigger than that. We're not talking about that kind of erection. Although for the record, I'd wager you're being a bit generous.

News breaking today that the Milwaukee Brewers will be erecting a statue of baseball commissioner and former team owner Bud Selig outside their ballpark.

Selig’s likeness will stand more than 7′ tall (dude, he’s not Shaq) and probably have lots of bronze wrinkles.

Around these parts, Selig is better known to old-timers as the original Clay Bennett. He was the point man that led a group of investors in the purchasing and hijacking of Seattle’s original Major League Baseball franchise, the Pilots. Which I guess would make Dewey Soriano the original Howard Schultz.

Anyways, all you really need to know is that Bud Selig has an erection, and it’s going up in Milwaukee. Boing.

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