Freddy Garcia Esta Drunko…Says “Fuhduhcuz” (Video)

Translation: F*** the Cubs.

In Freddy’s defense, he appears to be at that state of inebriation where it makes sense to repeat everything that anyone says to you. So it’s really not his fault.

This video was apparently shot at Sox Fest 2010, which one can only gander is a glorious drunken bash that takes place at The Cheesecake Factory.

Note the big guy on the stairs in the old school White Sox jacket. He has a look of genuine concern on his face. Like this performance might very well devalue his collection of Freddy Garcia bobblehead dolls.

And then there’s the turd behind Freddy in the backwards cap and track jacket. I really don’t have much to say about that guy. He just happens to be the exact person you figure would be back there taking cell videos of this event.

Finally, we can only hope that this isn’t a preview of what to expect from Felix Hernandez in a decade or so. This is the King’s idol, after all. And yet he carries himself in this manner. A shame.

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