Dawg Pack Dirt: Arizona State University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Arizona State

Volume 6, Issue 18, February 6, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

The Dawgs are back in the hunt for the Pac-10 title with that big win on Thursday. A win this Saturday over the Sun Devils would be absolutely huge.

ASU has become somewhat of a rival after last year, and they think UW is a school of thugs so feel free to play on that. Come looking like the biggest thug you can because we all know that’s what Derek Glasser likes.

When UW played in Tempe earlier in the season, the FSN commentators called us out saying the UW students better bring it when ASU goes to Seattle so do your thing Dawg Pack! Let’s make Hec Ed crazy this Saturday!

The Game:

-Arizona State Sun Devils at Washington Huskies

-Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. PST

The Team:

Arizona State is currently tied for first place in the Pac-10 with a 6-4 record in league play, and a 16-7 record overall.

-Apparently ASU players have their phones taken from them by coaches 24 hours before the game in order to avoid distractions, but I’ve listed some numbers anyways. As of the time I’m writing this dirt, they are definitely more than willing to talk to us.

The Players:

-#12 G Derek Glasser (Sr.) will be making his last trip to Hec Ed so let’s make it a miserable one, because, believe it or not, he actually claims that Hec Ed is his favorite place to play.

I’m honestly a little sad that he’s leaving because he’s been the player I’ve hated more than any other during my four years here. If you just imagine a rich white kid at ASU, you’ll see Derek Glasser. He is the ultimate rich party boy and your stereotypical douchebag.

*Editor’s note: Just a brief side note. For me, the player that held the coveted title of Most Annoying/Biggest Pain was Stanford’s Chris Hernandez. The difference is Hernandez ended up being a real cool dude, and Glasser is pretty much the anti-poon. They look quite a bit alike though. Related, perhaps?

Glasser claims that he’s the best dressed player on the team and that he has the best upper body.

His middle name is Jason.

Last season, Glasser’s mom, Veronica, was very angry at the Dawg Pack for teasing her boy.

The fight that occurred last year in which Derek Glasser did his best to teabag our own Venoy Overton is now part of the NCAA instructional video on unsportsmanlike conduct.

He is like a girl with a Chihuahua in her purse when it comes to his bulldog Maddie.

He spends roughly 87% of his time without a shirt on and seven nights a week in the club, most likely with a v-neck t-shirt or a just a button-up that isn’t buttoned up.

Glasser was “anonymously” quoted in ESPN The Magazine a few months ago as saying that we’re crazy up here at the UW because we like to photoshop pictures of players. Well Derek, I guarantee you this isn’t photoshopped.

-#2 C Eric Boateng (Sr.) is in his third season with ASU after transferring from Duke.

The native of London loves to play ping-pong and is fluent in the African language “Twi”. I doubt there are any Twi speakers in the Dawg Pack, but Google is your friend.

-#3 G Ty Abbot (Jr.) goes by Ty but his first name is Tyshawn.

He has two dogs named Deuce and Doodoo.

He pretty much lives and dies by the three, so get into his head during warm-ups.

-#10 G Jamelle McMillan (Jr.) is actually named Nathaniel after his rather famous father around these parts, Seattle Supersonics legend and current Portland Trailblazers coach, Nate McMillan.

McMillan claims that his toughest loss was losing right here in Hec Ed in seasons past, but he has also won a state high school championship on the same floor with O’Dea High School.

Jamelle can be reached at [edited for relevance].

He recently received a $216 ticket in the mail for speeding and texting while driving. Here is the radar photo to prove it.

-#22 F Victor Rudd (Fr.) just got a tattoo on his hand on Sunday. Claims that he’s going to “get super blasted” in the next three months.

*Editor’s note: HAH! Super blasted. Have fun with that one.

He can be reached at [edited for relevance].

-#23 C Ruslan Pateev (Fr.) is a giant Russian that can be reached at [edited for relevance].

He has been labeled the worst dressed Sun Devil by his teammates.

*Editor’s note: Ruslan, you’re on my Pac-10 fantasy team because we have to have a center and there are literally less than 10 Pac-10 basketball players listed as centers who actually see the floor. You’re one of them. In an ideal situation, your team would lose on Saturday, but you’d go for 35-and-20 or something like that. Fans, please lay off Ruslan for these reasons. Team Random White Guy At The End Of The Bench thanks you.

-#30 G/F Rihards Kuksiks (Jr.) is a native of Latvia who absolutely lit us up earlier this season so do whatever you have to do to get into his head.

Some of his friends call him “Kooks”.

*Editor’s note: I used to respect Kuksiks’ game until I found out he was only 6’6″. I just assumed he was like all the other Eastern European forwards who stood 6’10” and could shoot the trey. I was wrong. This is ridiculous. This guy didn’t see Justin Holiday in the desert though, and I guarantee you he’ll know all about Holiday by Sunday morning.

-#44 G Jerren Shipp (Sr.) is the subject of the photo that won Seattle Sportsnet’s Picture of the Year Award with this gem. I’m still speechless whenever I see it. [REDACTED]. Enjoy.

Final Notes:

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!


30 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Arizona State University”

  1. Expect big things from this photo of Derek Glasser’s mom tomorrow:

    I’ve heard from a few students who are planning something special. Should be an instant classic.

    Hint: Venoy Overton.

  2. Wow. You obviously have never seen female genitals beyond the entrance to my mom’s filthy snatch.

    Posting 18 to 22-year-old’s phone numbers? Get a fucking life you jackass.

    Exponential inferiority complex. Simply because these guys are doing things in their teens that I’ve never accomplished in my life doesn’t mean you can post their personal information.

    Have fun masturbating in your tears,

    Sun Devil for Life.

  3. Furthermore, like Derek Glasser could give a fuck what any of you Seattle trash have to say. Keep in mind, dude comes from a very wealthy family and has the talent to play internationally and coach/broadcast in the states as well. Fairly positive your words are meaniningless. Though you can get small bits of revenge when you Arby’s drive-through jockeys spit in his beef-and-cheddars when he rolls through Seattle in his Escalade.

    Does Washington still have the highest suicide rate in the country? How about you all make sure that is the case and go fuck/kill yourselves.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments. You are a fine example of the class and intelligence that Arizona State University is renowned for.

  5. Personally, I’m intrigued by this quote:

    “Wow. You obviously have never seen female genitals beyond the entrance to my mom’s filthy snatch.”

  6. Agreed Alex. That might be the most underrated quote of the decade so far. What could you’re mother have possibly done to deserve such abuse?

  7. And providing a college student’s cell phone number is the epitome of class? Seriously. No one does that.

    In the words of The Jesus, “that’s bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man. Hah Hah!”.

    All I’m hearing are sour-ass grapes from the beat down in Tempe earlier this season and UW getting ousted by the Devils in the Pac Tourney last year.

  8. If the students are smart enough to put their phone numbers on facebook, a public site, and then friend whoever requests them without looking into identities they deserve to have their numbers made public, they are doing it themselves

  9. The Dirt clearly states that ASU’s players get their phones taken away 24 hours before game time. So there should be no issue. ASU fans, Are phone numbers really the problem? Have you SEEN the Glasser and Shipp pictures?!

  10. I guess having the most overrated team in the Pac-10 requires fan help in order to win. Good luck. Just don’t make it racial or obscene. And, is it really necessary to target someone’s mom. Isn’t that pretty sad

  11. We did this last year and we’ve done it in years we went to the Sweet 16 so that first comment doesn’t really have any validation. We’ve never made anything racial or obscene. (See Oregon’s Pit Crew) It isn’t targeting someone’s mom is she made a problem with us to begin with. If she doesn’t like the way we treat her little boy then we’re going to have fun with that.

  12. Sounds like a little bit of a mancrush on Glasser if you ask me. That and jealousy cuz the kids got money. These dirt articles are priceless though, got to give you props for that! Here’s to a good, clean game pups :)

  13. It also seems that Venoy has toned down his thug act from what I have seen this year. Either that or his perceived antics don’t stand up to this years PAC10 Thug of the year – Kevin the RAT “I’m still Kevin from tha block” Parrom. That waste of life has taken over the number one spot

  14. “this years PAC10 Thug of the year – Kevin the RAT “I’m still Kevin from tha block” Parrom. That waste of life has taken over the number one spot”

    I didn’t even know who that was until Thursday and the only thing I remember about him is his keep shot to Quincy.

  15. “I didn’t even know who that was until Thursday and the only thing I remember about him is his keep shot to Quincy.”

    You will hear much more of him during his incarceration at the Eww. He doesn’t just foul hard, which is part of the game, he fouls with the intent to do harm

  16. well I guess if I went to a piece of shit school and had nothing else to do… I would blow other dudes and write pathetic articles too..

  17. Some of you ASU kids are priceless!!

    One of them even made a mockery of his mother….I don’t even know where to go with that quote.

  18. For the record, I am an ASU fan and I think this is great. You have done a great job of digging dirt without truly making anything personal or crossing the line. Well done, sir. Well done.

  19. For the record.. I think most older fans are astonished by this because they forgot what it’s like to be young and the excitement of being a student. I think it’s awesome that there is this sort of excitement and dedication to UW basketball. Herb Sendek was brought to ASU to get us on the right track and WIN! So far the attendance has gradually improved and the wins have come. Further go easy on some of the pre-facebook generation folks. They are astonished that you can get numbers, email addresses, humbling pictures, and dirt just by looking at someone’s profile.. Keep up the good work-just don’t hurt anyone! BTW Parrom is an efffin tool and he is going to hurt someone or get himself hurt with his cheap shots..

  20. Just wanted to say thanks to all the ASU fans that actually understand what it’s like to be a young college student who is excited about a sport. You guys are literally the first fan base that has actually regarded what we do as impressive. Good game.

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