Somebody Said Something About Singing Day? Oh, Signing Day, Right

Johnny Tivao

So it’s National Letter of Intent Day, which is basically Christmas if you run a recruiting website. I don’t, so I can basically go give my dog a bath and not miss anything. He really smells bad too, it’s time.

A couple of you have asked if Seattle Sportsnet will be doing anything big for signing day. The answer is no. This is as big as it gets (that’s what HE said, heh).

The fact is, I’m not going to try and pretend I know a ton about these kids who have stars next to their name. Yes, I’ll be excited like the rest of you when Washington lands a four-star recruit or, saints alive, a five-star. But until these kids actually put on a Husky uniform and get into a game, all they are is commodities for us to scrutinize. Might as well be stock options.

Last year my favorite UW recruit was that Johnny Tivao kid, a JuCo player who was literally about as wide as he was tall. Thanks to Google, I’ve just found out that he’s listed at 5’10”, 350 pounds. That’s my kinda dude right there. To make a long story short, Tivao didn’t have the grades to get in and we were all a little let down. So let’s just wait and see on this year’s crop.

My favorite part about signing day isn’t the hat-picking or the name-signing. It’s simpler than that. It’s the excuses you hear through the coaches as to why so-and-so hasn’t got his LOI in yet.

“Uh, yeah, Joey couldn’t get his letter in just yet because he has 7:00 AM homeroom and the teacher in that class is pretty strict. But it’s coming! Don’t worry!”

“Billy’s letter will be in, folks, not to worry. He just has to wait for his mom to get back from taking his little sister to gymnastics.”

“Stephen’s letter is coming, but he has to relearn cursive first so he can sign his name. Give him like five or ten minutes.”

Yes, that’s the best part. Lest we forget that these are still kids we’re dealing with here.

Anyhow, I’m off to drag my dog to the bath now. I hope you all have a wonderful time following signing day. Be sure to check out the dynamic duo (Bob Condotta and Mason Kelley) on with frequent updates, as well as our friends over at for all the latest UW recruiting news.

Go Dawgs!

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