Dawg Pack Dirt: University of Arizona

Dawg Pack Dirt: Arizona

Volume 6, Issue 17, February 3, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

The blackout was awesome and it was a huge win for the Dawgs on Saturday! Good job to the Dawg Pack for bringing it!

The Dawg Pack also managed to draw the ire of a few classless Cougar fans that learned a costly lesson: if you mess with a Dawg, you’re going to have to deal with all the others that will back us up.

This game is definitely a huge one if we want to hold onto any sort of NCAA Tournament hopes, so make sure to bring it again on Thursday.

*Editor’s note: Attention morally righteous Cougar fans. Please stop reading right now, as there are phone numbers of Arizona players posted below. We wouldn’t want you to see those and be tempted to use them to your advantage when the Wildcats come to play at the Beasley Performing Arts Center and Ballet Recital House on Saturday. Thanks for your understanding.

The Game:

-Arizona Wildcats at Washington Huskies

-Thursday, February 3, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. PST

The Team:

Arizona is currently in first place in the Pac-10 with a record of 6-3 in conference play, and 12-9 overall.

-A few members of the team went bowling on Tuesday night. Solomon Hill, Nic Wise, Dondre Wise, and Kyryl Natyazhko played each other. Hill won with a score of 131.

The Players:

-#13 G Nic Wise (Sr.) is the leader of this team and is addicted to Twitter. I’m sure there is a lot of dirt on his Twitter feed, but I didn’t feel like reading through 4,200 Tweets.

What I got off the first page is that he has a thing for redheads and they make his heart stop. He also asked Isaiah Thomas if it was snowing up here before his flight. He seriously tweets about every four minutes. It’s ridiculous. Ask him about it during warm-ups.

– Nic was recently rolling down the road hanging out the window and yelling at everyone  “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?!!?”

-Nic is full of himself. He has a Facebook album devoted to all magazine covers that feature him on it.

-Nic’s about me section of his Facebook states, “I PLAY BASKETBALL FOR UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA………. NBA next year”

-Nic is a part of the “Nic Wise Fan Club” on Facebook… there’s only 109 members.

– It’s doppelganger week on Facebook if you haven’t noticed… Nic changed his profile pic to 2Pac.

-Here is a text conversation that Nic recently had with a Dawg Pack member:

Nic : idk If  I shud chill with u lol

DP: aha why

Nic: dnt trust it. i know how yall like to get dirt on players

DP: Ouch… i think you just broke my heart

Nic: lol stop

DP: ahaha its up to you!

Nic: Can I trust u

DP: I don’t know, follow your heart!

Nic: yeah I know yall did last year. not like i really care tho. Oregon does it best

Oh, and stay tuned for his phone number. We have some sources close to him and we should be receiving it shortly.

*Editor’s note: Twitter sucks.

-#1 C Kyryl Natyazhko (Fr.) goes by the nickname “K-Real” and is Ukrainian.

He can be reached at [edited for relevance]. We’ve already checked and he is very talkative so hit him up.

He has a 1/8 assist-to-turnover ratio.

His cousin, who plays for the Utah Jazz, is named Kyrylo Fesenko. Notice the difference in first names.

-#50 C Alex Jacobson (So.) can be reached via cell phone at [edited for relevance].

He’s a self-proclaimed bench-warmer and proud of it.

His official bio on Arizona’s website states that he “needs to be more aggressive at both ends.” Sounds like a ringing endorsement.

He’s shooting 7-8 from the field and 1-1 from three-point range this season. Make sure Coach Sean Miller knows this guy needs to be on the court.

-#42 F Jamelle Horne (Jr.) just posted a Facebook update asking if anyone will rub his feet. Do we have any takers in the Dawg Pack? We didn’t think so. Maybe we can encourage one of his teammates to help the poor guy out.

*Editor’s note: Gross.

He’s only shooting 51% from the charity stripe so make sure we get in his head there. Numerous nicknames can be formed from the last name “Horne” so start thinking but keep it classy.

-#23 F Derrick Williams (Fr.) gets a care package from his mom every three weeks. You can see his teammates opening it and finding out what he gets a lifetime supply of here. Make sure to ask him if he has any Mentos or beef jerky.

Also, here’s a photo of Williams in a zebra print Snuggie.

-#3 G/F Kevin Parrom (Fr.) can be reached via BBM at 20df7e4f for those with Blackberries.

He attended South Kent Prep School in Connecticut, which was also attended by Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning and coached by Raphael Chillious.

He is shooting a blistering 16% from three so let him know he needs to move closer.

-#44 F Solomon Hill (Fr.) loves to play Call of Duty and is a big fan of Japanese anime.

*Editor’s note: Nothing good ever comes from Japanese anime.

-#21 G Kyle Fogg (So.) is looking sexy in this pic.

-#20 G Dondre Wise (So.) is not nearly as good as his brother, Nic. Don’t be afraid to let him know that, either.

Additionally, Dondre has only played eight minutes this season.

Final Notes:

-Looking ahead to Saturday for a minute, ASU is coming to town, and our last few matchups with them have been TESTY. They all seem to think that we’re a team of thugs so a few Dawg Pack members suggested that we play off that. Come dressed like the biggest thug you can imagine and try to scare party boy Derek Glasser. We got called out (*Editor’s note: by the homer announcers that probably shouldn’t have jobs) on FSN during our game in Tempe, so we need to bring it for that game. Start coming up with ideas now.

-If you haven’t seen it yet. There is a little story and large picture about the Dawg Pack in the current issue (the “fan issue”) of ESPN The Magazine. Check it out!

*Editor’s note: It’s the one with Joe Mauer on the cover.

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!


65 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: University of Arizona”

  1. Yeah, you guys are pathetic for posting this stuff. These are college kids. Get a life, and perhaps some good taste while you’re at it.

  2. Its pretty funny that UW has to do stalker shit like this in order to win. Although its probably justified considering their shitty team can’t do it by themselves. The only wins your pathetic program gets are at home and lets be honest, that has more to do with the ref’s home cooking and less to do with any level of talent on your team. The only thing that’s impressive about UW is that they manage to float above .500 with such a shithead coach like Romar.

  3. Yeah, you people seriously have no lives, is this the best you can do? Lame kids, you are worse then groupies. Maybe we should stalk your team players, but I don’t want to waste my time. I actually have a life.

  4. Seeing as I have some free time on my hands, let’s see what dirt we can get on these UW players shall we. And no need to be talking about derricks mom.

  5. Look, I can be creepy too!

    Isaiah Jamar Thomas 253 242-9878
    Quincy Coe Pondexter 559 371-2976
    Scott Suggs 636 582-4235
    Elston Howard Turner Jr 281 738-0199

  6. I actually don’t have a problem with heckling stuff you find on FB or Twitter… People almost deserve that. Making fun of a guy cause he put a snuggie on or likes to go bowling, or that his mom sent him care packages isnt too bad. But putting a kids phone number up is classless bush league stuff. You guys need to get a life.

  7. Yeah, you guys need to get a life! It’s creepy stalker shit, stuff that NO OTHER COLLEGE in the nation EVER does, right? I mean, it’s not like UW students are classless assholes and every other D1 college student in the nation are squeaky clean, perfectly classy individuals, right?!

    Talk about get a life…Stop reading this website, dipshits!

  8. Oh, by the way, people who post messages up as “Cunt” are always classy in everyone’s book. Keep up the great work!

    And people who claim to have a life and yet post 2 separate times on a message board they can’t stand really need to reassess their situation.

    But of course, no one on this thread does anything like that, and I’m sure everyone in Tucson is just a shining class act.

  9. you’re a f*cker…

    Did you mail the payment in time to the REF$ for tonights game?

  10. And Channing Frye absolutely got a kick out of this (and gained a lot of respect from the Dawg Pack) when we did this when I was in the student section.

    My prediction for the game is that we are tied with 5 seconds left when the ball bounces off Nic Wise’s shoe, into Pondexter’s hands for the go ahead bucket as time expires.

  11. Love how the editor’s note is: Twitter sucks

    And then you post this at the bottom of your page:

    -If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack,


  12. Dawg pack? Seriously…I don’t even have to think of something offensive to say.
    UW fans are notoriously the biggest tools in the nation, congrats.

  13. In response to Arkeen, the editor and the person who writes the DPD are two different people with differing opinions. Personally, I think Twitter sucks. There happens to be a Dawg Pack Twitter which I respect and check in on every now and then. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still think Twitter as a whole sucks.

  14. U of A fans complaining about home cooking from the refs?? Oh, man, that is rich. It’s like O Henry and Alanis Morrisette had a baby and named it THIS EXACT SITUATION.

  15. There seems to be a lot to do in Washington State, ill tell you what, I am really nervous for the game. You guys from WASHINGTON STATE are tough, im scared of people from WASHINGTON STATE…a lot of scary things happen in the toughest state in the country, which of course everyone in the US would unanimously agree is fucking WASHINGTON…

  16. “You Are A Joke”

    I laughed out loud at your rant. Responding to a post about the Huskies by repeatedly referring to “WASHINGTON STATE” is pretty comical.

    This whole section of comments makes me laugh. A school that just recently added a student section to its basketball games from a city where there is absolutely nothing to do is throwing stones at a beautiful city with an abundance of activities. That said, Seattle does have the same number of NBA teams as Tucson, so you win there.

  17. Wait so you mean to tell me that you actually call these guys? And you encourage this behavior? Are you sure your mom is cool with using her phone like that in the basement?

  18. Whatever, you guys might be whining now, but you’ll be laughing with us on Saturday when we pwn Derek Glasser’s ass. We only give a sh*t about you guys because it’s obligatory, we do this for every team. Don’t think you’re so special. But ASU and Glasser, that’s a different story. Those guys are going down.

  19. You would think if these Arizona people were actually fans of basketball they would be on our side. We could care less about UA, but hate ASU.

    And if you’ve never seen a player’s phone number being handed out you:

    A) Are in your first year of being a college basketball fan.


    B) Were never cool enough in college to be in the student section.

  20. I don’t get the people complaining about this, first of all, if bball players weren’t so dumb to leave their number on their facebook page or cocky enough to give it to any girl that asks, then there wouldn’t really be a problem. There is a reason that home teams win 67% of college bball games, it is dedication and passion like this.

    This happens at every dedicated student section across the nation, and if your school isn’t doing it, then you aren’t trying hard enough. You think the Cameron Crazies do everything they do, but stay away from phone numbers? Yeah right.

    Suck it up.

  21. I remember calling Channing Frye and leaving him a good-spirited message. After a little while he changed his answering machine to “Hi, this is Channing, I’m out putting the smack down on the Huskies. Leave a message.”

    Funny stuff. Of course, we destroyed them and went on to a #1 seed.

    You want to see a nasty student section, look at WVU. They were throwing coins at the Pitt coach last night. One hit him below his eye.

  22. Jesus. No. I called him once, just a good-humored message without any obscenities, just explaining that Hakeem Rollins would possibly have the upper hand in this matchup. Then someone else called him before tipoff and his message had changed.

  23. Arizona fans, this happens all the time. get used to it (And I am an Arizona fan). When I went there some fans tried to get something like this going, but never came up with stuff like this. Its part of the game. Quit whining. It happens ALL the time.

  24. Mike Jones said
    February 4, 2010 at 12:52 am

    “I actually don’t have a problem with heckling stuff you find on FB or Twitter… People almost deserve that. Making fun of a guy cause he put a snuggie on or likes to go bowling, or that his mom sent him care packages isnt too bad. But putting a kids phone number up is classless bush league stuff. YOU GUYS NEED TO GET A LIFE.”

    ….And yet Mike Jones is living on this message thread. Take your own advice. Oh, wait, that’s the real mike jones because I’m sure the other mike jones posting on this thread is a completely different guy.

  25. I just think its stupid to call a kid you do not know to talk smack. You don’t, thats cool. I am all for getting in the heads of the players, I did at my time at UA. But I personally think the phone number thing is stupid, but I guess my feeling is how far you go along with it. If its on facebook thats one thing, but if you investigate beyond that its another. Just my honest opinion.

    And I swear I am not the first Mike Jones. I did that as a play on from the Twitter and Twitter Sucks stuff.

    Maybe I am too old at my age and this is how things are done, and if it is, then my bad. But just my honest feeling is that calling kids on their phones is to much. At UA we had similar things, although you guys seeem to go beyond what they ever did at UA, I just never heard of a phone number being used in my day or really up until this morning, meaning I have heard of maybe one players number here and there, but not multiple players from the same team.

    My bad if this is done across the board.

  26. But I guess the real issue is how does a group of guys get together and 131 is the top bowling score

  27. All of you naysayers are idiots. The players actually enjoy it, so just shove it and don’t read the site.

  28. Anyone else think all the haters might be cougs who haven’t gotten over last Saturday? Just saying that no one else pissed and moaned about the Dirt until they did, and now the very next issue also has a bunch of whiners. Maybe we just got lucky and played the two most pussified fan bases in the Pac-10 in a row.

  29. I’m a bit flummoxed at the animosity from UA fans. We’ve been doing this for years and it has always been classy. Moreover, in almost every case the players have taken it well and in stride. I’m a big Lute fan and detest ASU. We should be united in arms against them.

    We aren’t the Oregon student section, who threatened to kill Kevin Love and rape/murder his mom when they played at Mac Court.

  30. Actually, good point. I’d wager (regardless of what they subsequently say) these clowns are a bunch of lowly Cougars, and not ‘Zona fans.

    See you DP guys tonight

  31. For the handful of you that don’t like the phone number thing, let’s just agree to disagree.

    One thing we can agree on is that ASU is worthy of our animosity. Keep an eye on the pages here after today. We’ll pull out all the stops for Glasser and his merry bunch. Enjoy.

  32. I even posted on Arizona’s scout page that I respect the due dilligence of the Dawg Pack here. Classic college sports — love it! Phone numbers — oh, well — they don’t have to answer the phone, right?

  33. Well said Alex. I do like what you have done aside from the Phone #s. And I agree with the distaste for ASU. Why do you guys hate ASU so much? Is there more than the Thug story above?

  34. Glasser’s just become a punk over the years and wants to fight every dude on the Huskies’ squad for some reason. It doesn’t help that he’s the spoiled rich kid who doesn’t do much to displace his elite image.

    One other thing with the phone numbers that I’d like to address is a new policy I adopted after last game of deleting those numbers after the completion of the ballgame. Win or lose, it’s mission accomplished at that point, no need to keep that information out there.

  35. Arizona fan here. Great stuff, most of the dudes here are probably seeing stuff like this for the first time. I laughed a lot and so did Kyle(Fogg) He’s as funny in person as he is in that pic for real. Good luck tonight, hopefully we can pull the upset.

    PS It’s Tucson not Tuscon ;)

  36. I’m a UA student and trust me, Glasser’s been a doughy little shite since the first time he took the court

  37. wow, im honored that 57 people after me claim to be me.

    couple more thoughts… when i was a student at uofa a few years back, i was very hard on the other teams, used foul language, and would do anything to get under their skin, or even their parents in the crowd. but again, giving out phone numbers is lame and too intrusive into a players life. its called stalking. Posting it on a website, asking people to call and harass these kids is beyond pathetic. and for whoever said that someone wasnt cool cause they didnt hand out phone numbers on an internet, well, obviously you are a complete and total nerd if this is the stuff you do in your free time. try getting laid, it gets you more street cred,

  38. Personally I think we shouldn’t be posting the numbers on a website. It should go out in the specific facebook messages for members of the Dawg Pack group on facebook which are actually college students at UW (or a alums) but i honestly think posting it on an open website is classless.

  39. If you really feel that way, you should have spoken up at the beginning of the year when we initially did it rather than right now, when it’s turned into a gang tackle of sorts.

  40. All these loser U of A fans… don’t come on another team’s hometown website you morons. I saw you at the game sitting behind the U of A bench wearing a Red South Pole Thermal Puff Jacket. Idiots haha

  41. These idiots won’t ever see this message board again unless we gotta beat em again in the pac-10 tourney hahahah

  42. lol Congrats on the win guys. We’ll take care of the Cougs on Saturday and expect you to do the same of the Sun Devils. There are some funny comments on here though.

  43. haha, you gotta love the editors dis on Beasley when UW is begging for tax money to fix their dumpy court.

    anyways, i have to completely agree with everyone on here. Derek Glasser is a douche. i’m pretty sure his own team doesn’t even like him.

  44. Alex, honestly you’ve made this website bigger than I thought it would be. Originally it seemed like basically only dawg packers read it because only DP members knew about it.

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  45. Well, that’s a fair enough point.

    I still wish the Husky fans in the crowd who don’t see eye to eye with this practice would have spoken up from the get-go. It seems like most of the dissenters didn’t come out of the woodwork until the Coug fans took offense to what we do.

  46. the fact that UA lost by only 6 given the fact that our leading scorer was on the bench practically the whole game says a lot about both teams. Good luck trying to get into the tourney UW with a .500 conference record especially this season. We did it last season but last season was different. Oh by the way who was the only pac-10 team to reach sweet 16 that season? nuff said.

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