Haven’t We Been Robbed Enough Already?

For $35, this t-shirt can be yours. Yes, that’s right. Three-five. And it’s only a t-shirt. It doesn’t do any tricks that I’m aware of.

The idea behind this shirt is amazing. Fantastic, even. You have to appreciate the passion for our gone-but-not-forgotten Sonics.

But the irony is that in spending the equivalent of 11 Wendy’s lunches on this piece of cloth that probably cost about a buck to make, you’ll be getting robbed again.

As someone who spent a number of years working for the company that is selling this shirt (rhymes with “Schmordstrom”), I can tell you that this markup is completely unrealistic and simply an issue with branding. Basically, because it’s “Schmordstrom,” people will pay this amount without thinking twice about it.

Don’t do it.

My advice: Wait for these guys (from a rival corporation) to come out with their own version of a similar-looking shirt, which they claim will only cost you $10. Having purchased their goods before, I stand by their product and wholly trust that they’ll live up to this promise.

Take advantage of an already-ravaged fan base, will you Schmordstrom? Not cool.

5 thoughts on “Haven’t We Been Robbed Enough Already?”

  1. And just to be clear, the actual shirt was produced by a different company not mentioned in the article. After production, the shirt was then bought by Schmordstrom for retail sale. The price markup reflects that post-wholesale purchase. That’s how these things work.

  2. I don’t know what normal markup on shirts are but that seems pretty high. Not to mention I doubt Casual Industries sells the shirts to “Schmordstrom” for $26 a shirt. Schmordstrom should be schmashamed.

  3. $9 is really high. Especially considering the fact that the company behind the shirts is selling them for a lower price. It’d be one thing if no other outlet was retailing this product, or if they were retailing it for the same price, but that’s not the case.

    Even if Schmordstrom bought all these shirt at $26 apiece (which I guarantee you they didn’t), they’d still be netting $5.50 off of each shirt sold. The company pays out 10% commission for each $35 shirt they sell, so subtract $3.50 and you’re left with a $5.50 profit.

    Now figure that they probably paid more like $10-$15 for each shirt and they’re looking at more of a $16-$20 profit. We don’t need to pad their pocket anymore. Those guys are already making bank. Maybe they can put that money towards a new arena for us. Thanks, Schmords.

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