Facebook Fan Page of the Week: put Brendan Sherrer in

My favorite thing about this fan page is the non-capitalization of the words “put” and “in,” as if to say, hey, clearly the most important thing here is Brendan (capital “B”) Sherrer (capital “S”).

Not that that has anything to do with anything, but if you aren’t on the Brendan Sherrer bandwagon yet, now’s a good time to hop aboard.

This grassroots campaign to get the nicknameless Sherrer (suggestions, anyone?) into ballgames has accrued over 1,100 fans in just a few weeks, catapulting the otherwise anonymous walk-on into the public consciousness (or at least the consciousnesses — is that a word, I don’t know — of 1,100 people on Facebook).

The 6’9″ power forward scored his first collegiate points last Tuesday against Seattle University — a nothing-but-net 15-footer from the strong-side baseline — then followed that up with a crazy-looking bank-hook on Saturday against Washington State.

Statistically, Sherrer has become the most efficient Husky in the past two games — he’s averaging 80 PPG, extrapolated over 40 minutes — which has to make him worthy of a few extra minutes here or there, right?

Until that fateful day when Brendan Sherrer logs an entire game’s worth of PT, you have to imagine that the fans at PBSI will continue demanding that the coaching staff “put Brendan Sherrer in.”

Video of Brendan Sherrer’s first career points.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Page of the Week: put Brendan Sherrer in”

  1. That video was hilarious because it didn’t capture Trent’s dunk but did catch the reaction.

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