Freshmanic Website Salutes SSN, Huskies

I searched "angry cougar" and this came up. That'll do.

From the completely rational folks over at (exposure!) who love us the way Pat Robertson secretly loves dudes:

“A sophomoric pro-Husky website printed cell phone numbers for three WSU players and encouraged Husky fans to harass the players with text messages and phone calls. Just one problem: Two of three numbers were wrong.”

Here’s a direct link to the article (more exposure!).

In a battle of he-said, she-said, our sources were right, and yours don’t exist. All three numbers were correct. And you must be getting your facts from sour-grape-eating children.


6 thoughts on “Freshmanic Website Salutes SSN, Huskies”

  1. is one of the lamest sites on the Scout network. If you want a good laugh, take a look at some of their headlines when a recruit commits.

    “Underrated 2-star recruit is a real gem!”

  2. I’ve been banned from Cougfan 4 times for nothing more than stating facts. The first time was when I mentioned that I saw their kicker Romeen Abdulmohammadi spill nacho cheese all over himself at the theater which caused him to cuss out the manager of the theater in front of his girlfriend. That was the first post I ever made over there.

  3. HAHA that wasn’t even related to the rest of the article! Is it just me or do Coug fans get more and more defensive every year?

  4. Why is it that the Cougs are so angry about the phone numbers? Ah, because they aren’t clever enough. Keep it up!

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