Pwnd: Dawgs Dial Cougs’ Number In Blowout

I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to listen to a little Tommy Tutone right now.

Things we can take away from this game:

We’re still playing at home.

Let’s face it. Unless they decide to hold the entire NCAA Tournament at Hec Ed this year, we have zero chance of winning a national championship.

And yes, I realize that even talking about the Tourney at this point is out of the realm of our current state. Though you have to figure that if we land a high seed in the NIT or CBI and get home court throughout, we could at least win something.

Don’t laugh, it’s a distinct possibility. Let’s shoot for the dance, anyhow.

Was that game-planning we saw?

I believe it was.

You may have noticed the utilization of none other than the high post against Washington State’s 2-3 zone this afternoon. In spite of the fact that the Huskies don’t really possess a big man capable of playing in the high post, they were able to use Quincy Pondexter in that role successfully for the duration of the game.

Pondexter was able to do everything you’d expect of a high post player in the zone. He knocked down 15-footers from the line, penetrated and scored, drew fouls, kicked out, found cutters, and basically did it all. Textbook form from Quincy, and props to the coaching staff for having the wherewithal to attack the zone effectively.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning is like a dude having sex.

This was determined and agreed upon in our live chat. Let me explain.

Like a dude having sex, you expect MBA to come once. During a game, an “orgasm” equates to a huge block, a monster dunk, or a good play that’s relatively greater than ordinary. One of those per game is par for the course.

Occasionally, MBA will come twice. That’s impressive.

If he comes three times, you might as well go buy a lotto ticket.

And if he comes four or more times, you’re straight-up looking at a big pimpin’ pornstar.

With nine points, three big swats, a monster dunk, and a three-point play this afternoon, you might as well hand MBA the John Holmes/Ron Jeremy Award For Outstanding Play.

Benching Klay Thompson is a bad idea.

It was the right thing to do under the circumstances, but it sure didn’t help Ken Bone’s team any.

Holding his star out of the starting lineup for being late to the team bus, Bone left Klay Thompson on the Cougar bench for all of 1:50 before checking him into the game before the eighteen-minute mark in the first half.

Still, just that little bit of punishment went a long way in taking Thompson off his game. The sophomore shooting guard took 15 shots from the field, making only two along the way.

Thompson finished with just seven points and didn’t connect on a bucket until the second half.

The black jerseys are good luck.

You better keep wearing those, Dawgs.

They look awesome, too.

The rise and fall of Nikola Koprivica.

The Cougar shooting guard started the game on pace for like 80 points. Unfortunately, he only finished the game with 13.

Dude was playing out of his mind for like five minutes, then came crashing back to earth, apparently aware of the fact that he was still Nikola Koprivica.

Reggie’s Angry

Reggie Moore was playing inspired basketball for most of the game. Too bad his Coug teammates couldn’t feed off that.

You can tell the kid is going to be a great player in the Pac 10 for years to come, but that didn’t mean much this afternoon.

Moore shot just 3-9 from the field in the loss, and, perhaps more egregiously, coughed the ball up eight times. The 3/8 assist-to-turnover ratio is not what you want to see from your point guard.

The freshman from Rainier Beach finished with 13 points and was the student section’s primary target from start to finish. The Dawg Pack serenaded Moore with a “Reggie’s Angry” chant in the second half.

IT’s hair is getting there.

We’re going to be monitoring this situation for the next few weeks.

Three or four games from now, we fully expect to see Thomas rockin the Fresh Prince fade.

By the postseason, we’re anticipating a Kid-N-Play hightop.

Don’t let us down, Isaiah. You’re bringing it back.

As you can see, IT has great hair.

Brendan Sherrer is our most effective player over the past two games.

Four points in two minutes. That’s insane production.

Extrapolate that over a full game and the dude is putting up 80.0 PPG.

I don’t know about you, but I have a fever, and the only cure is more Sherrer.

Don’t piss off the students.

The backlash from Cougar fans over the latest edition of Dawg Pack Dirt resulted in some WSU fans going so far as to phone the employers of a couple students and demand that the individuals in question be fired. Yes, they really did that.

Anyways, the moral of the story is a) roll with the punches, Coug fans and b) do not eff with the Dawg Pack.

Because the Pack was out in ridiculous force this afternoon and brought it like they haven’t brought it all year.

Congrats to the student section for a noteworthy performance.

And congrats to the Huskies for playing like a team possessed.

Go Dawgs!

6 thoughts on “Pwnd: Dawgs Dial Cougs’ Number In Blowout”

  1. MBA’s a girl having sex with a guy?

    Sometimes you can get her off four+ times.

    Other times… forget about it.

  2. I at least wish that she would fake it at least once a game. Nothing more humiliating then her not even trying to fake it….

  3. Look. You may appreciate a good faking but not me. If your on by all means, keep coming. Four times? why stop there, go for the record. But if you’re not on, pass the rock and wait for another day.

  4. Reggie’s desire to go 1 v 1 in the second half did in the Coogs offense nearly as much as the Huskies D. He just wanted to get his at the expense of not getting his teammates involved. He has talent, but needs to play without a huge chip on his shoulder. That said, go DAWGS!

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