Dawg Pack Dirt: Washington State University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Washington State

Volume 6, Issue 16, January 30, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

After witnessing the strangest game of basketball you’ll ever see on Tuesday, it’s time to get back to Pac-10 play against our fellow state university with the little man complex.

If we want any shot at the NCAA Tournament, we have to keep winning at home and pick up a few on the road in this last month, so bring that intensity we brought a little over a year ago when we beat WSU to become the Pac-10 Champions.

This edition of the Dawg Pack Dirt features several names of players’ girlfriends. This serves as a friendly reminder that yelling something along the lines of: “Hey (player), I saw your (girlfriend’s name) last night!” really never gets old. It’s just a funny and creepy way to get into a player’s head like nothing else can.

We’ve also got phone numbers for four players, including standouts Reggie Moore and DeAngelo Casto, so waste no time in blowing up their phones. Be sure to keep your comments classy and represent the Dawg Pack well, as always.

Also, don’t forget your black shirts for the “Blackout Cancer” event we’ll be doing. You don’t want to be the one person in purple.

On to the dirt…

The Game:

-Washington State Cougars at Washington Huskies

-Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. PST

The Team:

WSU is currently tied for third in the Pac-10 along with four other teams at 4-4. WSU is 14-6 overall.

The Coach:

-Head Coach, Ken Bone is basically the same story as Cameron Dollar from the Seattle U dirt. Old UW assistant who helped us return to prominence and then moved on. He just doesn’t look as good in a suit and has to live in Pullman.

*Editor’s note: Lead assistant Curtis Allen is one of my all-time favorite Husky players. He was the lone senior on the Dawgs’ 2003-2004 NCAA Tournament team, and was also responsible for throwing this sick lob to Nate Robinson on one of the greatest alley-oops in history in an upset win over Arizona in that same year. This really isn’t dirt, per se, just a sad reminder that Curtis has gone Anakin Skywalker on us and turned to the dark side. Sigh.

The Players:

-#23 F DeAngelo Casto (So.) (Girlfriend: Alexandria) It’s hard to say whether this picture includes his girlfriend, so we’ll just say: “What happens in Pullman, stays in Pullman.”

A student at WSU has also told us that he sees Casto around campus all the time and he never takes off that gross sweatband on his head. Apparently he thinks it’s a good look.

*Editor’s note: Hey, Casto. You stole that look from Errol Knight. You’re no pioneer. Knight never took his band off either. Even helped a chick with her books in one of those creepy Gonzaga education commercials by using his band.

Casto tells us he has 21 siblings, not all from the same mom. Still, 21 siblings?! Maybe DeAngelo will do us a favor and name them all for the Dawg Pack. If you want to ask ahead of time, you can call him at [number removed].

-#3 G Reggie Moore (Fr.) was kind enough to leave us his phone number, as well. He’s one of WSU’s top players and has been playing extremely well as of late, so get in his head before game day with calls and texts to [number removed].

-#1 G Klay Thompson (So.) will be celebrating his 20th birthday in a little more than a week on Feb. 8th. Ken Bone said on 950 KJR the other day that he has been very disappointed in Klay’s play during the Pac-10 season.

*Editor’s note: My Pac-10 fantasy team is very disappointed in your recent play, as well, Klay. Team Random White Guy At The End Of The Bench is gonna need more from you.

-#44 F Austin Bragg (Fr.) (Girlfriend: Brittney) can be reached at [number removed]. Feel free to wish him good luck Saturday or just find out if he knows how to read.

We can tell what keeps Brittney coming back thanks to this photo with the caption, “Whipped Cream anyone?”

*Editor’s note: Answer: God, no.

-#14 F James Watson (Fr.) is from Oklahoma, so all hatred towards that place can be directed towards him. Watson is also under the impression that he plays for “University of Washington State Basketball!” Really? Reaaally? Let’s be sure to remind him of the name of his own university. Only a Cougar…

*Editor’s note: Even Jim Moore has to shake his head at this one, I’d imagine. An absolute travesty.

-#31 G Abe Lodwick (So.) is suffering from an unfortunate acne problem, but luckily he has great friends like WSU basketball alum Robbie Cowgill to make up for it. This photo features the two ready for a standard night on the town in Pullman.

-#40 F Charlie Enquist (So.) (Girlfriend: Katie) comes from a family of rowers. His dad rowed for WSU and his younger brother, Oliver, is a rower for none other than the Washington Huskies.

-#22 G Ben Loewen (So.) (Girlfriend: Shawn) is actually a native of Pullman. Living the life…

He went to Whitworth for a year before probably getting homesick and returning to Pullman to attend WSU. He can be reached at [number removed].

-#12 F Brock Motum (Fr.) (Girlfriend: Nicola) is Australian and a total elitist about it. He says he can’t stand Americans commentating on the Australian Open and is a member of the group “101 reasons it’s great to be an Aussie.” Let’s remind him what country he got a basketball scholarship in with some “U-S-A” chants while he’s at the line.

-#30 G Michael Harthun (So.) (Girlfriend: Asia) is a white dude and a huge Tupac fan, as well as an avid disk golfer (frolf). Cool. He was also suspended for three games last season when he was caught in possession of marijuana.

*Editor’s note: Michael’s girlfriend might be a Taiwanese hooker.

-#4 G Nikola Koprivica (Sr.) Here we go with the Serbians again. Nikola is as European as they come, with the swim wear to prove it.

*Editor’s note: He also shares a first name with Brock Motum’s girlfriend. This could be really awkward for Brock in the bedroom.

Final Notes:

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!

-Oh, and Coug fans, don’t waste your time trying to make fun of this. We’ve heard it all over the years and anything you say really can’t be all that original or insightful. Especially since you have students that steal what we’ve written and try to use it at your home games.

*Editor’s note: Let’s be honest. Since Mike Jensen graduated, you’ve got nothing. We’re only getting better.


57 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Washington State University”

  1. This really is about as tasteless as it gets.

    Good natured ribbing is one thing.
    Accessing personal information is at the least an invasion of privacy… and at most will lead to something criminal

    Is this really how you want to be portrayed?

  2. Ok first off, you guys say the same things ever year when this game comes around but throughout the season when we do this for other teams I constantly get messages from Cougs saying that this is awesome. I’ve even been asked by 3 WSU students in the past year what the best way to go about starting this kind of thing for your guys’ home games. What about last year when you’re students were printing these off for all the non-UW Pac-10 games and using them for yourselves?

    You Coug fans never seem to understand from year to year that there is a difference between fair heckling and being out of line. Listen to the Pit Crew for a game. That is out of line most the time. We only mention things that are in a player’s control. Watch the reactions of your players when we say this stuff. Most the time they laugh and interact with us in a good natured way. The purpose of this is to get opposing players to think about something other than basketball. That’s how you get in someone’s head.

    Please don’t waste your time thinking we’re portraying ourselves negatively because you guys are the only ones that ever say stuff like that. Good try though.

  3. Let’s also remember that there are lots and lots of fans from schools around the country that do this exact same thing. The Dawg Pack does an excellent job with it (as evidenced by other schools using the results obtained by the Dawg Pack), but this isn’t unique to U-Dub.

  4. If stalking guys out on Facebook is your thing, it’s your thing. I don’t really care one way or another. If you take the time to find everyone on Facebook, add them as friends, find their contact numbers or whatever it is, it’s your deal. I would never do it, that’s not me. But everyone is different. And if I played, I wouldn’t care at all. So you see my profile on Facebook and who my girlfriend. The horror.

    If someone puts their number out their, I guess it’s fair game for them to contact them. But honestly what are going to say to a walk on? “Hey, you don’t play.” Whoa, tone it down a little, that is a little harsh.

    What are you going to text/say to Reggie Moore? Seriously, what are you going to say to the best freshman in the Pac-10. I will like to hear what some people came up with.

  5. Because if you actually are a fan of college basketball you would know that this is all in good fun. Channing Frye thought it was hilarious when we called him. This happens all over the country at developed programs.

  6. On a side note, Ken Bone is 51 years old and still fits nicely in suits. Cameron McDollar Menu is 34 and is on pace for the Rick Majerus look.

  7. Oh here we go. A UW fan challenging someone on how long they followed college basketball. Which is classic since college basketball began in the year of 2004 to most UW fans.

    I’ve been following college basketball for years. From us to losing in OT to B.C. in Washington D.C. as an 8th seed in 1993 to I watching Wally Szczerbiak scoring like 80% of his teams points against UW in the 1999 tournament.

    I said that I would never do that, that isn’t me. I wouldn’t go through all that work.

    If you want to do it, that is fine. I don’t care one way or another. If they do it and enjoy it, that is their thing. Good for them.

  8. It “isn’t you?” But it is you to take cheap shot at Cameron Dollar?

    Get a freaking life.

  9. You need to relax bro.

    You are taking this way too personally.

    Go back and read my post, I never said that I wouldn’t dish it out. I just said I would not take the time to go on to Facebook and do all the work they do. That is it.

    Cheers bro, it’s all good.

  10. And not taking anything personal, just ignorant of you to make fun of one of the nicest guys in the Northwest basketball scene.

  11. And how exactly am I representing my school poorly?

    Because I made a joke about Cameron Dollar?

  12. In ACF’s defense, he’s one of the “good Cougs,” if you will, and has been a loyal reader of this site since its inception. He’s also one of the fans who is of relatively sound mind, meaning he isn’t going to be meeting anyone in the parking lot to duke it out over internet message board comments.

    If you’re a Husky fan who really wants to let loose on somebody, I suggest you head over to the Cougfan message boards, where there are more of the “bad Cougs” trying to take potshots at the Huskies and the Dawg Pack Dirt.

  13. Also, the Cameron McDollar Menu comment made me laugh.

    I love C-Money, but he has been hitting that dollar menu a little hard in recent years.

  14. Us taking the time to do this = us procrastinating.

    You see at UW, our homework isn’t so easy that we can do it while wasted.

  15. Doing your homework wasted is for amateurs. Now, taking an Accounting 330 test still drunk and hung over and getting a 88% on it, now that is how it’s done.

  16. See, everyone.

    That’s why you need to learn how to do your own taxes. Because you trust just anyone with that information, and before you know it, you’re being audited.

  17. uh, you might want to check a couple of your facts

    for instance, Ben Loewen isn’t from Pullman, and i see D almost everyday on campus and he rarely has that headband on.

  18. “So you see my profile on Facebook and who my girlfriend.” “If someone puts their number out their,” Washington State University education at it’s finest. (Should be there, not their)

    And I didn’t know Casto’s girlfriend has three hands…

  19. Nice. Way to represent, dawgpack. Grow the f up and show a tiny iota of class. Back in the day, other Pac-10 schools and their fans respected us. Now, not so much…. and you’ve just shown why.

  20. Coug4life: you think this is unique to your univeristy? Sorry bro, but this isn’t personal. The info is gathered for every fucking team, not just yours. Don’t think WSU is so special.

  21. The WSU Dawg Pack Dirt has created controversy every year but this has definitely blown anything previously out of the water. GO DAWGS!

  22. What a total waste of time. I wish I had the three minutes back that I wasted reading this. You post guys phone numbers and make fun of a guy for having acne. Classy. By the way, I wish I had my 3 minutes back, but you should be wishing you had your time back to use on something a little more valuable to society. Anything to make a buck. Weak.

  23. Pretty sure that this is a non profit site but thats ok. All I have to say is, all bullshit aside, I am looking forward to this game. I am a Coug. And I will be getting loud today

  24. Correct on the non-profit thing. Though if you want to make those “anything to make a buck” comments, please donate to our party fund, then feel free to say whatever you like. Better yet, donate the money to the group that’s going on a renegade mission to provide aid in Haiti. Right sidebar, take a look.

    Man, there are some sensitive Cougar fans out there. I mean, there’s sensitive fans at any school, but the Cougar fans really take it to heart. I’d imagine that most of you Coug fans who have come forth with these completely taken aback reactions in the past couple days had never read this site before this week. Even though we’re Husky fans here, we’re about as pro-Cougar as you can get from the opposition. If anything, we spend more time promoting the Cougs here than we do bringing them down.

    But when our teams play each other, that’s when you have to appreciate the rivalry. Instead of attacking those who fuel the spirit of the battle, why not find a way to even the playing field? Last year, some Cougar fans obtained Jon Brockman’s phone number and harassed him in the days leading up to the game. This year, it seems, you’ve completely forgotten about that. Consider this retribution for that act, if you want. We’re pulling the same move you guys pulled a year ago, and yet you’re acting like this is something new.

    Most Cougar fans (or at least most of the Cougar fans who read this site with some regularity) are level-headed and easy to get along with. But there are a few of you who love to come out of the woodwork at times like these who are so sensitive about everything, it makes me wonder how you can even enjoy sports.

  25. I am a diehard Husky fan and this article is classless. I expect more from my fellow Dawg fans, this is something Oregon would do, not the UW. Delete these numbers, this really should never have been posted. I will never come back to this site again.

  26. HuskyFanAlways, send me an email with some more information about yourself and a little more of an explanation. If you’re really a Husky fan and you really feel this way, I’ll definitely take your comments into consideration and edit the post.

    The reason I ask is because we’ve done this sort of thing for nearly every single Husky home game up to this point, including phone numbers. So if you a) frequently read this site and b) are a Husky fan, you’d already be aware that this has been going on all year. But send me a thought-out email and I’ll do what I can to make amends.

  27. After careful consideration, the phone numbers of the Cougar players have been removed from the Dawg Pack Dirt. While I appreciate the efforts of the students in obtaining these numbers, there is no need to let them remain on the internet following the conclusion of the game. The mission is complete, the Cougs have lost, the Huskies have won, it’s over. Carry on.

  28. you all are huge jokes.. im a coug, but ALL of you suck at life ha. I cant even tell you how amusing it was to read this and see the attempts at “clever” insults via internet post. thanks to all of you for being a buncha douches, some funny stuff.

  29. Seeing almost every “die-hard” coug fan leave the game with 5 minutes left was icing on the cake.

  30. Cougs, stop whining. It’s a rivalry (kind of) game, don’t be so defensive.

    Go play Idaho.

    Oh…and…92-64. Boom!

  31. Alex, I agree that there is no point in leaving the numbers up after the game. Mission accomplished. If you post your phone number on Facebook and add random strangers that friend request you, you are consenting this personal information to be seen. College athletes should be fully aware of this, and it’s unfortunate they aren’t aware of or educated on how their opponents’ fans, along with their own fans and members of the media, can find out about them so easily through the internet. We never go beyond what is knowingly posted material by the individual for the Dirt. It’s been the same way for years. Same goes for pictures.

  32. “Brad said

    January 30, 2010 at 6:59 am
    What a total waste of time. I wish I had the three minutes back that I wasted reading this. You post guys phone numbers and make fun of a guy for having acne. Classy. By the way, I wish I had my 3 minutes back, but you should be wishing you had your time back to use on something a little more valuable to society. Anything to make a buck. Weak.”

    First of all, it wasn’t Alex that wrote this. Second, you know nothing about me or what I do for society so reserve judgement until you talk to me personally; which would have been completely possible after your fellow Coug fans posted my number everywhere.

    I’m still waiting for someone to comment on the Jon Brockman situation from last season. Seems that you’ve all forgotten about it.

  33. We are college students. We’re on Facebook all the time anyways. It takes like 2 seconds to look at a player’s page and see a funny picture and a phone number. I don’t know why that’s so hard for Cougs to wrap their heads around. If you want to call it a waste of time, great. We have one of the best home court advantages in the nation.

  34. I just want to comment as a cougar fan but a friend of many husky fans. Its not that we take it personal or anything like that. As a cougar fan I honestly feel as though husky fans in general treat and act as though cougar fans, students, and athletes are second rate to huskies. They act as though the only reason we got to WSU or are fans of them is because we couldn’t get admitted to UW which isn’t true at all. I know plenty of huskies who got accepted to both schools and chose to go to UW and I know plenty of cougars who got accepted at both schools but decided the best fit for them was WSU. Look both of our schools, athletes, and fan bases need to grow up and stop taking shots at each other. Game days when its all fun than cool but any other time is just pettiness and immaturity on both sides. For the Cameron Mcdollar Menu comment, that was hilarious and not a cheap shot and if that is a cheap shot than everything thing you guys do as the Dawg Pack towards any of your opponents are cheap shots. I am a close friend of the creator of this site and he obviously is a die hard husky and I respect him for that and the fact he doesn’t waver on that allegiance. He knows I am a die hard cougar and I know he respects me for my undying allegiance to them. I also grew up with one of your most recent and all time favorite players as a husky fan base as well as graduating with a former player for the womens husky basketball team and to go along with all of the local players on your team it is only natural for me to pull for you guys as long as you aren’t playing my cougs. I just think that sometimes huskies act and treat cougs as though they are second class to them. This does not mean all of you and doesn’t mean all the time but it is a feeling I get a lot more than I would like. Both schools excel in their respective departments and as the two major universities of the state we should have more of a mutual respect for each other. We all need to stop being so damn petty and just show each other more mutual respect.

  35. “As a cougar fan I honestly feel as though husky fans in general treat and act as though cougar fans, students, and athletes are second rate to huskies.”

    They are second rate. “Purple4pussies” is below second rate.

    Cougars just whine, whine, whine!

  36. WSU knows what the fuck a great drink is. I love beer and boose, Some Bud, Miller, Rainier, Irish Whisky, all of that good stuff. We can have a good drink- yet still we have excellent telecommunications, and engineering programs among other things.

    As for sports, the ‘ZZU has a smaller endowment, and lower tution rates, so they don’t get the funding that uw gets; ergo-we don’t have the ability to get the players, coaches, scouts, etc that uw has. The fact that WSU won the apple cup as much as they did, is because of passion from the players, and the fans.

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