Friends of SSN Hand-Deliver Help To Haiti

If you frequently check out the site and enjoy what we do, I urge you to read this post and help make a difference.

As you all know, everything we do here comes with no benefit to us at the back end. We work for free, we enjoy it, and we never ask much of you guys. But every now and then, there comes a time when we need your help, and with the devastation currently ongoing in the nation of Haiti, now is that time.

A close friend of Seattle Sportsnet will be leaving on Monday to hand-deliver aid to the people of Haiti. So far, he and two friends have raised close to $20,000 to help pay for food, medical supplies, electricity, and most importantly, water.

Their goal is to come up with enough money to purchase and set up water filtration systems within disaster-stricken areas of the island nation. These water filtration systems are expensive, though, and a discounted deal with the vendor has fallen through and now more money is needed.

Part of the reason I stress to all of you the importance of their mission is because I know where this money is going, and I know that my friend, Jeremiah, and his two traveling partners are going to bring the aid and supplies directly to the people on their own.

You aren’t sending a text message, not knowing where your money will end up.

You aren’t giving to an organization that will keep part of your donation.

You’re giving 100% of your contribution direct to the people who need it most, at the center of the devastation.

There’s a good chance that some of you may know the guys involved in this act of selfless generosity.

David Pierre-Louis is a native of Haiti and works at Lucid, a jazz club on the Ave in Seattle’s University District. He has been to Haiti once already since the earthquake hit and was happily reunited with his mom, who lives in Port-au-Prince at the center of the devastation. His initial journey was chronicled on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. You can watch the video of his reunion by clicking here.

Jeremiah Rygus is a 2008 graduate of the UW School of Journalism and currently works as a night manager at Shultzy’s restaurant and bar, also on the Ave. If you’ve ever stopped by Shultzy’s, chances are you’ve run across Jeremiah.

Along with a third friend, Jeremiah and David will be spending 10 days in Port-au-Prince at the epicenter of the earthquake distributing supplies and helping reestablish a sense of normalcy to those in need.

There are multiple ways for you to contribute to their cause.

First, you can visit their website at to make a donation via Paypal. There, you can also read more about their mission and their gameplan once they reach Haiti.

Second, you can contact us via email at We will put you in touch with Jeremiah and David and they can pass along information on how to donate at your local bank branch. They currently have a relief account set up through Bank of America in which donations can be deposited.

Third, if you happen to be heading out for drinks this weekend in the U. District, try to make your way down to Shultzy’s and donate to the relief fund in person. Jeremiah will be on hand taking your contributions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Be sure to wish him well on his journey.

We all know what has happened in Haiti, and we all want to help in our own way. Whether you’ve given already or not, I implore you to give some more. What these guys are doing is beyond what many of us can imagine doing on our own. They’ve invested their own money in this relief effort and are only asking that we help out in any way we can, as well.

Now is the time for us to band together and help make a difference.

Thank you.

Alex Akita,

Seattle Sportsnet

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