Enigmatic Huskies Are The Girl We Just Can’t Get

Justin Holiday dunks for two of his career-high 16 points in Washington's win over Seattle U. (Jim Bates/The Seattle Times)

The new season of MTV’s The Real World features two people, a guy and a girl, who are perfect for each other save for one slight flaw: the girl is an indecisive whore who is against long-term relationships.

Now I know that sounds harsh, but there’s really no other way to put it.

The guy in this scenario is caring, outgoing, and desperate to make things work with this girl.

The girl, on the other hand, fools around with others, leads this poor guy on, and only occasionally makes clear her intentions of never staying committed to any man ever.

She also considers herself bisexual, kind of, and thinks she knows a lot about the world.


Whatever, girl.

Anyways, the point I’m getting at is that this chick is a total bitch of an enigma that not only drives this dude crazy, but frustrates the hell out of viewers, as well. In the process, what she becomes is this perfect analogy for the Husky men’s basketball team and their relationship with us, the fans. Let’s examine this, shall we.

This girl is maddeningly frustrating. So are the Huskies.

This girl thinks she’s so much better than she really is. So do the Huskies.

This girl leads people on with flashes of brilliance. The Huskies lead us on with flashes of brilliance.

This girl lets people down. The Huskies let us down.

This girl is bisexual. And that’s where the comparisons end.

Like the girl you can get to know but just can’t get with, the Huskies are a complex labyrinth of a basketball team that mess with your emotions.

As fans, we’re put on a roller coaster ride and forced to sit through the highs and lows of this up-and-down season.

There are peaks, such as consecutive home thrashings of California and Stanford.

Then there are valleys, not unlike the consecutive road losses to UCLA and USC.

And just when you think you’ve kinda, sorta figured this ballclub out, they go and drop 123 points on a hapless Seattle University team that we all expected more from. And they do it without their second-leading scorer, Isaiah Thomas, sidelined by the flu.

I mean, really. What the hell is going on?

Not one week ago, this very Husky team was dead, moribund, stagnant. They couldn’t register a pulse against the Bruins and Trojans in Los Angeles. Yet here they are, three days after their latest dismantling, alive and thriving in the confines of their own arena. No doctor could have predicted this medical miracle.

What is about these guys that makes them go from inept to incredible at the flip of a switch?

Is it the home environment?

Is it the crowd?

Is it the bounce-back from the brutality of the beatdown?

We need an answer!

And yet we don’t have one.

On Tuesday night, the Huskies looked like the best team in the nation, albeit against an inferior opponent.

They pushed the tempo, simply didn’t miss shots, made their way to the free-throw line, and played stellar defense. While Isaiah Thomas tended to his illness, the rest of his teammates proved more than capable in his absence, playing like a team and raising speculation that maybe, just maybe, Thomas’s me-first ways have been holding this club back. But that’s another story for another day.

In spite of the opponent, credit the Dawgs for their inspired play.

Most experts forecasted a much closer game than the 47-point unraveling that occurred. Especially considering the fact that a) Washington was in a slump, and b) the Redhawks had taken apart the Oregon State Beavers earlier in the year, beating them by 51 points in Corvallis.

As fans, we’d like to see this as a turning point for the Huskies.

As realists, we know it’s anything but that.

From here, the Dawgs meet Washington State on Saturday. They’re playing at home, so odds are they’ll win. And if they show up like they did on Tuesday night, they’ll win going away.

But at the same time, we know that this team is capable of losing. And not just losing, but getting their butts beat. A loss wouldn’t surprise us. Not with this group of players. Not this season.

For now, we’ll buckle up and hold on for the ride.

Because we may not get this girl, but we’re willing to believe that she’s worth the effort. Call it stupidity, blind optimism, or hope. Whatever it is, we’ve got it. And it’s not going away any time soon.

7 thoughts on “Enigmatic Huskies Are The Girl We Just Can’t Get”

  1. This team obviously plays very well when they have a certain swagger or confidence running through their veins. They know they can bring that swagger anytime and everytime they play at Hec Ed because it’s the home turf, home crowd and everyone loves them. On the road, they “try” to play with that same swagger, they may even “act” and fake like they have the swagger, but bottomline is that this team is not mentally or emotionally “tough” or “mature” enough to bring that type of attitude on the road consistently, especially when the crowd isn’t giving them their juice. Against UCLA (1st half) we saw that swagger but that was built on a false sense of offensive accomplishment…Their shots were falling like nobody’s business in the first half…This particular UW team is generally not a good shooting team, so when the shots are falling like that it lulls the team into believing it’s got something when in reality, it’s fools gold. The way they were shooting in the first half at UCLA, they should have been up by 15+ at half time. That false swagger they had at Pauley in the 1st half showed, because they lacked defensive hustle and rebounding, which is the points of focus for this team. 2nd half shots were not falling, so suddenly that false confidence they had in the 1st half was destroyed, especially since they still did not continue to rebound or play hustle defense. Until this team gets right in the head and develops more heart on the road, forget about the NCAA tournament.

  2. Think of the Huskies as a booty call, when they answer your call and stop by be happy, when they are otherwise occupied get over it. Nothin you can do about it.

  3. Agreed. This is a complete roller coaster of a season.

    That said, last night was the most entertaining game that I have attended at Hec Ed. Not from a basketball execution perspective, but from an actual entertainment/comedy/thrilling sense. I’m still laughing/smiling about attending the 150-minute regulation game last night from start to finish. The last 2 minutes were worth the price of admission.

  4. 20 years from now, people will see pictures or videos from this game and wonder what the hell was going with those Seattle U jerseys.

  5. I.T. out with the flu… riiiiiiiiiiiight, heard that one before. How about he’s a arrogant s.o.b.

  6. There probably is. I watched like two episodes of “Real World” for the first time in like eight seasons and found myself mildly aggravated by this relationship. Hence, it becomes article fodder.

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