Compromising Photos of Angie Mentink

Yes, folks. It’s true.

A loyal reader has sent us these photos of FSN analyst Angie Mentink in, shall we say, less than flattering poses.

Let me just say this.

In this world of “sexting” and “anything-goes” picture-taking, you really have to know who you can trust when a camera is present. You can’t just assume that your photos will be safe. Just ask Greg Oden.

Anyways, without further ado, here are the photos.

I know. Worse than you expected, I’m sure.

What’s going on here?

Did Angie lose a bet?

How can you turn on your school like that, Angie?

This reminds me of the “Racial Draft” skit from Chappelle’s Show. The Cougs have officially drafted Angie Mentink, it appears. In return, the Huskies would like to permanently claim Dick Baird as one of our own. Done.

45 thoughts on “Compromising Photos of Angie Mentink”

  1. Maybe the Huskies were on the road…it’s a lot easier to support the Cougs when you know the Huskies aren’t getting a win

  2. You know, I’ve always liked Angie Mentink, even in spite of my differences with FSN. She’s one of the few on-air personalities who gets it, and she actually does a pretty good job staying true to her profession. I realize a lot of people out there like to pick on Angie for any variety of reasons, but I’ve never had a problem with her.

    That said, come on, Angie. You simply can’t do your school in like this. I don’t care if your whole family went to WSU. You’re a Husky. This is just bad news.

    The only reasonable excuse is a lost bet. I have a good friend who’s a Coug who lost an Apple Cup bet to me a few years back. As part of his penance, he had to wear a Husky football jersey for an entire day at work. In front of dozens of people, he did his job admirably all day long in that UW jersey and I respect him for that. Had I been on the losing end, I would have willingly subjected myself to the crimson-and-gray for one work day. Beyond that, you’d never catch me going turncoat on the school colors.

  3. SSN, I don’t see the big deal. She works for FSN Northwest, and they cover every Northwest team including the Cougars. What would be disgraceful is seeing her donning an Angels jacket or a Thunder T-shirt.

    I guess I wouldn’t fully know because I’ve never been a Husky.

  4. And our softball team is currently ranked number one, thus she has every reason to be proud of her heritage.

    Way to stab me in the back Angie.

  5. BTW, Danielle Lawrie “could care less” about a stupid pre-season poll she said. “Doesn’t mean shit on a stick” to her.

  6. Alex,

    I appreciate the recognition towards me for following through with our bet. I am that coug fan who had to wear husky gear to work since I lost a bet with alex over an apple cup game. The worst part about it was I had traveled all the way to pullman for the game only to lose the game and have to return to work to wear an actual game worn jersey from a former husky football player we worked with. To top it off a friend I hadn’t seen in about 3 years happened to be visiting and happened to stop in not knowing i worked there and see me wearing the awful purple jersey, While he had a great laugh I stood there and took it as I should. I think Angie must have lost a bet because even though I am a coug I do have respect for her and anyone who listens to her or watches her knows she loves her dawgs and the purple and gold.

  7. “We are worms as you can see…”, “Fun time in Space…”, “…to my boo, MTV Hits”.

  8. How ’bout the dancing ham, or the head lice dancing on a boy’s hair, or even a boy fishing in a jar, or even the two robots eating an electric guitar split into 2, or the unicorn that gets shot down & dies?

  9. I’d like to see her old friend & sidekick from the FSN era Kerry Sayers join ESPN one of these days.

  10. I wonder if AM remembers when Bloomberg TV had the data screen during the ’90s? The theme music sounded chickenish.

  11. I wonder if she’s come across any articles about diets that mention Larry King?

  12. I bet you Angie Mentink listens to Click 98.9. You know, the station that replaced KWJZ’s Smooth Jazz format in 2010 in which KWJZ replaced KEZX’s easy-listening music format version 2.0 in 1993. Now, KEZX use to be owned by Roy H. Park which happens to be the former owner of the local CBS station in Richmond, Va., WTVR-TV. They were recently bought out by Chicago-based Tribune Company, owners of Seattle’s Fox Network station KCPQ-TV, Channel 13 & My Network TV affiliate KZJO-TV, Channel 22 Cable 10.(nee KMYQ-TV, KTWB-TV & KTZZ-TV).

  13. Uncle Tex, one of the announcers on KEZX during it’s 2nd incarnation as an easy-listening music station was the late Charlie Burd, who was the original Ranger Charlie on KSTW, Channel 11.

  14. In response to John Doe’s post, it would be nice if Kerry Sayers did join ESPN, perhaps they ought to make her a #2 sideline reporter on Sat. Nite College Football, which is seen on ABC. They could even have her as a sideline reporter for NBA and/or WNBA broadcasts.

  15. If Kerry Sayers were the #2 sideline reporter on ESPN’s Sat. Nite CFB, she would be working alongside Heather Cox. It would be nice seeing those 2 on the same network.

  16. Maybe Kerry Sayers ought to join either WJBK-TV or WXYZ-TV in Detroit as a weekend sports anchor.

  17. Uncle Tex, in your earlier post, 98.9 FM stopped playing XMas music when KLCK a.k.a. Click 98.9 replaced KWJZ, which of course replaced KEZX which means since 2011, there has been no XMas music of any kind on 98.9 FM in Seattle. Seems that a tradition was broken on that frequency in which 2010 was the last XMas that 98.9 FM, which was Smooth Jazz KWJZ at the time, played XMas music.

  18. It’s way past time for Angie “AH” Mentink to go. “AH” seems to be her favorite word. Enough is enough, PLEASE

  19. In regards to Kerry Sayers, perhaps she might want to join WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Mich.

  20. Angie Mentink is now on Twitter @AngieMentink BTW, Kerry Sayers is now the new Decades network, seen on Comcast 355 & DT 11-2.

  21. In response to Uncle Tex’s post, Click 98.9 is no more. It’s now Rock 98-9 KVRQ.

  22. In response to Canucks Fan’s post, I sure miss King’s all-night radio show that aired on the old Mutual Broadcasting System.

  23. MTV Hits is now NickMusic, which is powered by MTV’s sister-network Nickelodeon.

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