Fire Romar? Fire Your Mom

If you think Lorenzo Romar should lose his job over the Huskies’ recent struggles, you can go fornicate yourself.

And don’t duck the issue. There are those of you out there masquerading behind user names and message boards who actually think Romar should be fired. It’s absolutely ludicrous.

Yes, the Husky men’s basketball team sucks right now. They’re bad. They clearly can’t win on the road, and they’ll be lucky to make the NIT at the rate they’re going.

Furthermore, Romar has shown an inability to adapt to his team’s inefficiencies. Outside of making lineup adjustments, he hasn’t found a way to correct the ballclub’s biggest weaknesses, namely stopping penetration and attacking the 2-3 zone.

Some would argue that Romar’s game-planning inconsistencies go back much farther than this year, and to a degree that’s one-hundred-percent true. Romar has always preached defense first, and in turn his team’s offenses have at times struggled. Most glaringly, the Huskies have been notoriously weak in half-court sets, a problem magnified during the current slump.

But by focusing on the negative, fans are overlooking all the good Romar has done.

As head coach, he has brought more attention to the University of Washington basketball program than ever thought possible.

In eight seasons, Romar has led the Dawgs to four NCAA Tournament appearances, including two trips to the Sweet 16.

He has landed recruits that, without his presence, wouldn’t even know where Washington was on a map. Back in the day, the Huskies were handing out scholarships to guys who had zero stars next to their name. These days, we’re more apt to get commitments from four- and five-star talents.

He has marketed the university and the team like a master promoter, hand-delivering messages to fraternities and sororities during his initial years on campus. Most coaches wouldn’t put in nearly that amount of work to get people interested in their program.

He has been a positive influence on everyone around him, from players, to assistant coaches, to even us, the fans. A true gentleman in every sense of the word, Romar has epitomized class while producing championship-caliber basketball teams.

Most importantly, Romar has won. He’s been a winner, and we all know that in this business that’s all that really matters. Currently, he holds a .643 winning percentage at Washington, with a win-loss record of 157-87. Statistically, that ranks him above such Seattle icons as Mike Holmgren (.541), Lou Piniella (.542), and even Marv Harshman (.625).

Why even bother calling for Romar’s head? If anything, he should be given a lifetime contract and the opportunity to do whatever he pleases on Montlake.

He may not be perfect, and, like most of us, he may have some things he needs to work on. But by no means should Romar be fired. Not now, not in the foreseeable future, perhaps not ever.

Lorenzo Romar is a winner and a class act. Fire him? No way.

12 thoughts on “Fire Romar? Fire Your Mom”

  1. I sometimes think that people forgot how bad it was during the final days of the Bender era. You could literally walk into the student section and work on homework during the basketball game. Although, I must admit that I loved the uniforms they wore during the MacCulloch years. Romar is the best thing that has happened to the athletic department in the past twenty years*. He has brought consistency and integrity to a program that was in desperate need of it.

    To all you Romar haters, eat it when we’re playing in the tourney next year. Also, I hope you will enjoy watching Husky basketball on Lorenzo Romar Court at the Hec Edmundson Pavilion in twenty years.

    *Yes, I am taking into account the 2001 rose bowl. That team was great, but it was obviously more of an aligning of the stars that got them there instead of a SOLID program that had staying power.

  2. People need to relax. I know fan is short for fanatic, but come on. Romar is UW basketball! He’s an alumnus, former player, and as the head man of UW basketball I couldn’t imagine a better person to run the program. He may not be the best head coach out there, but he’s the best for UW. Hell, UW may even be able to hire a better head coach than Romar, but the reason Romar should be at UW like Lute was at Zona is because he built this program and is continuing to build it, and he’s also a guy who DESIRES to be at UW and WANTS to be the coach at UW for as long as possible. Just because someone wants to be at a school forever doesn’t justify keeping him on board for that reason along…But Romar has proven to be a winner with a great winning percentage, pretty damn good recruiter, and a great mentor for kids. Sure, he has his shortcomings as a coach, and this is where I firmly believe that he needs at least 1 new assistant coach to shore up his coaching deficiencies. Get someone in here that complements Romar’s strengths and who can effectively coach X’s and O’s, half court offense, and develop big men.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. 1991 National Championship might be the best thing in this athletic department in 20 years but I see your point.

    Lorenzo Romar Court at Hec Edmundson Pavilion and Bank of America Arena sounds pretty good in 20 years. Except for the BOA part.

  4. I don’t think it really has to do with Cameron Dollar. I think most people would point to the exit of Ken Bone as the mark for decline in our “x’s and o’s” strategy. It’s going to be really interesting to see if Romar get’s pressure to excuse Paul Fortier or Jim Shaw from the coaching staff to bring in a real offensive minded coach. Personally, I don’t think there will be any changes after this season, but if there is this much ineptitude with the offensive side the floor next year then I will be calling for an assistances head.

  5. Romar I think would be well served to attend a few coaching clinics. You can always improve and I feel like repeatedly falling flat on our faces when it comes to zone defenses does not show coaching improvement.

    This being said I’m far from saying fire Romar. I’m just saying he needs to take a little more initiative. And his recruiting practices should shift maybe a little to more team oriented players rather than street ball stars.

  6. Couldn’t disagree more. Replying to a few comments here: Just because it’s better doesn’t mean we have stop here… Romar has peaked, it’s time to move on… I don’t dislike Romar, I’m glad of what he has done for the program and proud to call him a Husky but he needs to be let go.

    It was our player’s that put Montlake back on the map, not Romar. I would never argue that he isn’t an outstanding recruiter (despite passing on guys like (Reggie Moore and Aaron Brooks) and motivator but the fact that we have NO plays in the Halfcourt, look hopeless against Zone D, can’t play Zone D, and can’t run an inbounds play from under our own basket means we need a better coach. Romar will never take this program past the Sweet 16. It’s just like football – where do you want to play? the Holiday Bowl? NO – you want the Rose Bowl… and I want a coach that can take this team to the Final 4, unfortunately Romar is not that guy…

  7. Not a Romar hater at all. I think the guy is a great recruiter but with all the talent he has had and the sweet 16 is the best he has done is just not good enough. You have a 3rd year coach at Utah and the team is nationally rank and very very good. So how does that happen? Do players really want to go to Utah and play instead of Seattle? No it’s the coaching. Heck UCLA has no talent but they might make the Tourney and that is all coaching. Oregon St. has a FIRST year coach and they kicked our butts! Oregon St had to ask people to come to open tryouts this year because they didn’t have a full roster. Romar loves the 6’4″ to 6’7″ guys but then you have no rebounding and no one to play D on quick guards. UW can do much better!!

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