Dawg Pack Dirt: Seattle University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Seattle

Volume 6, Issue 15, January 26, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Well, I don’t really have anything to say after a completely uninspired and depressing weekend of basketball. The Dawgs play their cross-city rivals Tuesday, so  you know they’re going to be bringing a large quantity of obnoxious students. We should probably be on our game.

Seattle U is going to be insanely jacked up for this game so let’s help take them out of it early.

If this dirt seems a little lackluster and short, it’s probably because it is. Our inspiration to write this issue of the DPD could be considered equivalent to the inspiration shown by some down at USC on Saturday. That combined with the fact that I might be working on the worst internet connection ever at the moment leads to less dirt than normal. So here it is…

*Editor’s note: That was hella depressing.

The Game:

-Seattle Redhawks at Washington Huskies

-Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. PST

The Team:

Seattle U is currently 9-11 in their second year of D-I basketball and is the best independent team in the nation.

-The Redhawks have actually enjoyed some decent success this year, including a 51-point victory over Oregon State in Corvallis.

-Most of Seattle’s players are local athletes that some of you likely knew before coming to college, so if you have any additional dirt on these guys, feel free to pass it on.

The Coach:

-Head Coach, Cameron Dollar is awesome. That’s all there is to it.

Affectionately nicknamed “C-Money” and always willing to crack a smile, Dollar was a top UW assistant that helped take the Dawgs to two Sweet 16’s and a Pac-10 Championship.

This is his first season as a head coach and he definitely has the Redhawks playing inspired basketball.

C-Money wears a suit better than anyone in the history of earth, but if there is any knock on the guy, he’s had to get those suits altered quite a bit as of late. Dollar’s girth has definitely increased over the years since he was a guard that helped lead UCLA to a National Championship in 1995 and we know that he has an affinity for places such as Quiznos.

For some reason, Seattle U makes his phone number public knowledge so if you feel like talking to Coach Dollar, just dial [Edited for relevance, though you can find the number on Seattle’s website]. I reached his secretary when verifying the number but I got the feeling that it really wouldn’t be too hard to get patched through to the coach if you really wanted.

The Players:

-#5 G Cervante Burrell (So.) has only taken five threes this season, but has connected on four of them. So make sure to discourage him from shooting any during warm-ups.

-#45 PF Charles Garcia (Jr.) might be the most disappointing story regarding UW’s season.

“Chuck” was set to come to Washington as a junior college transfer but was denied admission by the UW for missing some of the academic standards necessary for getting into this school.

He has been called the best player on the west coast by some in the media, and is likely an NBA draft pick after this season.

A Dawg Pack member who works at the Key Arena has alerted us to the fact that whenever scouts are present in the building, Charles plays his worst games so make sure to alert him to the fact that they are there.

As much as I’d love to have Garcia on our team now, he’s at Seattle U so it’s our job to get on him from the start.

Ask for a progress report on his grades, or do whatever you have to do, because he’s a damn good player.

-#33 F Gavin Gilmore (So.) had a bio test that he was nervous for on Monday, so make sure to ask him how it went.

-#15 G Chris Gweth (Sr.) says he’s sick again so ask him how he’s feeling.

Our insider at the Key Arena also tells us that Chris Gweth’s mother was angry because they were ignoring her son and not putting him on the video board enough. He’s 21 years old so it’s time for her to stop being a soccer mom.

He was also generous enough to leave us his phone number. It’s [edited for relevance]. Keep it classy as always and give him someone to talk to late at night if you want.

-#1 G Garrett Lever (Jr.) was also generous enough to leave us his phone number. Same rules apply as always. [Edited for relevance.]

Here he is getting a bone.

-#11 PG Taylor Olson (Sr.) has some mad hula skills.

He is also 6-29 from beyond the arc this season so let him know he needs to move closer.

Final Notes:

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!

-Make sure to get a black shirt ready for Saturday’s game against WSU when Hec Ed will be “Blacking out Cancer” and the Huskies will be busting out their black jerseys for the first time.


3 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Seattle University”

  1. Yes SU is jacked up!!! How fun is this cross town rivalry renewed – my computer is being bogged down by all my “Dawg” friends emails

  2. It’s definitely great for the city of Seattle and I love the way that Dollar has gotten that team’s mentality to be about winning and playing exciting basketball. I’m definitely extremely worried about tonight’s game.

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