Husky Hockey Takes I-5 Cup From Duck Bastards

For those of you Husky fans frustrated by the basketball team’s lack of heart in recent games, allow me to recommend a group of UW students that wear their hearts on baggy, oversized sleeves: the Husky hockey team.

If Lorenzo Romar is looking to breathe life into his struggling ballclub, maybe he should send his players to watch their ice skating classmates in action. These guys play for pride and little else, paying their own fees, raising their own funds, and relentlessly going balls to the wall for nothing but the “Washington” on the front of their jersey.

In attendance for my first Husky hockey game on Saturday night, I couldn’t help but walk away impressed by the play of a group of relative unknowns.

Facing the hated ODBs (Oregon Duck Bastards), the Dawgs helped me relive my memories of Mighty Ducks I, II, and III with inspired play from the moment the puck hit the ice.

Coming off a 4-2 win Friday night over their rivals to the south, the Huskies would take home the coveted I-5 Cup (yes, there is such a thing) with a home sweep over Oregon on Saturday. Alas, a victory wouldn’t come so easily.

Fast forward through sixty minutes of regulation, and the two teams were knotted at five goals apiece.

A back and forth contest, the Huskies were behind 4-2 halfway through the second period when back-to-back goals on consecutive power plays tied the game at four. The teams traded goals in the final frame to reach their 5-5 stalemate. From there, we headed to overtime.

Neither team could find the back of the net in the five-minute extra session, so the game segued into the most climactic scene in sports: the shootout.

The shootout rules at this level are fairly standard. Each team is allowed to choose five different individuals to take their shots on goal, and whichever team makes the best use of their five opportunities and scores the most goals wins. Simple as that.

Without overdramatizing the moment, the Ducks made three of their shots, the Huskies zero. Hence, those Duck bastards won the shootout and the game.

But wait! There’s more.

Even though the Ducks won the game, all they managed to do was tie the season series at two wins apiece (in November, the two teams split a pair of contests in Eugene), meaning the highly sought-after highway hardware had yet to find its home for the year.

Hence, in order to determine winner of the I-5 Cup, we needed…another shootout!

Back to center ice with the same set of rules, only this time neither team could convert any goals in their five opportunities.

The teams then went to a one-and-one situation, where each goal could determine a winner immediately. Much like a baseball game, the visiting team would get a chance to score first. If they did so, Washington, as the home team, would then be forced to counter with a score of their own or the Cup would go to the Ducks. Along those same lines, if Washington, as the home team, scored first, the Cup would belong to the Huskies. Drama at its finest.

After four Oregon misses and three Washington misfires, the Huskies’ Dan Herda took the puck with a chance to put the Ducks away. Wasting no time, Herda attacked the goal at full speed. Deking right, then left, the right-hander juked Oregon’s goalie just outside the crease and flipped a backhanded series-winner into the corner of the goal.

Herda’s teammates, who just minutes earlier had been on the losing end of the battle, rushed the ice and mobbed their freshman forward. A native of Bellingham, Herda took the celebratory abuse in stride.

Though it was Herda who did his best to earn the night’s MVP award, he had a great deal of competition from some of his Husky counterparts.

Wearing No. 45 on his back, sophomore defenseman Daniel Carlson scored Washington’s first goal of the evening. The lefty, a native of Anchorage, pulled a veritable Fulton “One out of five” Reed (let’s face it, I got nothing but Mighty Ducks references) with a powerful one-timer from the weak side.

Goaltender Danny Dougan, a sophomore who, like Herda, hails from Bellingham, cannot go unnoticed for his stellar play at the net. Dougan stepped up when it mattered most, and though the numbers might not reflect it, Oregon outnumbered Washington in the shots-on-goal department by at least two-fold.

Assistant captain Jordan Chernesky, a Canuck from Edmonton, Alberta, managed to get ejected in the third period for delivering an elbow to an Oregon player who probably deserved what he got. Prior to his expulsion, the sophomore had spent most of his night as the team’s resident enforcer, kicking every piece of Duck ass that invaded his personal space.

Forward Tristan Wickliff, a native Seattleite, connected on a breakaway attempt in the second frame. Showcasing blistering speed and a knack for breaking up plays, the junior resembled hockey’s version of Venoy Overton.

In the end, it was a team effort that resulted in a loss, followed shortly thereafter by a win. Not the most typical outcome, but a great one for those of us wearing the purple and gold.

Game Notes

  • The Huskies fell to 10-5 in Pac 8 play; Oregon improved to 14-2.
  • The Huskies are currently in third place in the Pac-8; Oregon occupies the top spot.
  • Naturally, Oregon huddled up during pregame and got themselves going with a “Quack, quack, quack” chant. Clearly, I’m not the only one who watched Mighty Ducks as a kid.
  • The arena, which seats 1,200, was roughly three-quarters full for the contest.
  • Oregon fans occupied maybe 50 of those seats.
  • The girlfriends of Duck players “Duggo” and “Derrick” sat directly behind me throughout the game. I’d say one chick was about a four, the other maybe a five. In looks and I.Q.
  • Once again, a special thank you to Derek Johnson and the entire Husky Hockey program for making our trip to tonight’s game possible. Can’t go wrong with free tickets!

31 thoughts on “Husky Hockey Takes I-5 Cup From Duck Bastards”

  1. I like the attempt at diversity by covering other sports but this post is way too long for a hockey game!

  2. I was there! The intensity and passion in the game were worth every word of this post. Ill definitely be catching one of the games against USC next weekend. I can only imagine the turnout if these guys had an arena on campus.

  3. This Hockey game was a great time! I was pretty happy with my decision to make no effort to watch the basketball game. Seemed to me like UW Hockey is more well attended than Womens Basketball despite being 20 minutes north of campus…hmm…anyways I would highly recommend catching a Husky hockey game if you haven’t yet!

  4. It was a great game and you mentioned all the players except the one that scored two goals, freshman number 18 Corey James!

  5. Looks like the huskies finally took away the “coveted” I-5 cup after a 5 year hiatus. Now if only the dawgs could beat those ducks when it mattered. Ducks have a lock on first place and the huskies, well, maybe a distant second place. The Ducks have beaten the huskies twice in the PAC 8 Tournament Championship game and are the three time defending champs. Actually, the ducks have been in every championship game since 04-05, winning three and losing two in overtime. And the better program award goes to….THE DUCKS!!! Good luck dawgs you have come a long way.

  6. I don’t like to give the Ducks any credit ever, but I will say this. You could tell in watching that game who the better team was. It was evident.

    Oregon’s players made crisp passes, took waaaay more shots on goal, and were more smooth on the ice.

    Washington, however, was playing like their lives depended on it, working twice as hard in every aspect, and absolutely beating the hell out of the Ducks physically every chance they got. From that standpoint, it made the game more enjoyable to watch, especially after having to sit and watch the Husky Basketball team exert zero effort in recent weeks. It was a David and Goliath battle, in a sense, and the Dawgs lived up to their end.

    On one other note, I would imagine that part of the reason Oregon is so good has something to do with the whole self-funding aspect. Since the Pac 8 teams are required to raise their own money and (I’d imagine) there is no limit to how much money can be raised, it should behoove a school like Oregon to have a few big-money boosters in their back pocket to lean on. The fact that they had four coaches/personnel in uniform on their bench, as opposed to Washington’s two, says a lot.

  7. I was at the Husky hockey game too. Alex’s summary of the game was great. Those ODB’s had a difficult time parting with the I-5 trophy that night. It took them at least 15 minutes to hand it over to Washington, and I must say I lost some respect for the ODB’s for that. I guess they couldn’t face watching the new 2010 I-5 Champions celebrate their victory. Oh well. Go Huskies!

  8. Alex, one of Washington’s “coaches” actually was player Byron Ma, who is out for the season with a separated shoulder (from a questionable hit from an Oregon player a few weeks ago).

    That being said, I don’t know how Oregon’s funding exactly compares to Washington’s, but I doubt it is really that different. Both teams do not receive much money from their schools in comparison to some teams, such as Eastern Washington’s ACHA Div. II team (they have an arena that is on campus), although Oregon may get more money from sponsors that I don’t know about.

    As a player, all I can say is that the intensity of the Ducks/Huskies rivalry makes the games very fun to play in, and I look forward to them every year. Both teams absolutely HATE losing to one another, as you could probably tell by watching.

    All in all, thanks for the article Alex, it is a good and funny read! Hopefully it’ll help bring more attention to both schools’ programs.

  9. Wow, I’m pretty stunned by this article. As a spectator for this game as well, I can honestly say that Alex has done a disservice to the world of Journalism. Granted, Alex may not be a hockey player, and I have nothing wrong with the Mighty Ducks flicks, but there are flat out lies in this piece.

    Alex writes, “After four Oregon misses and three Washington misfires, the Huskies’ Dan Herda took the puck with a chance to put the Ducks away. Wasting no time, Herda attacked the goal at full speed. Deking right, then left, the right-hander juked Oregon’s goalie just outside the crease and flipped a backhanded series-winner into the corner of the goal.”

    Sorry Alex, but Charlie Conway was not on the ice executing his signature triple-deke that you have written about here. Check out the 7-minute mark of this video of the entire second shootout ( and reevaluate your writing ethics. The video clearly shows a slowly approaching Husky player firing a low forehand shot at the stick of the Oregon goaltender, the puck hops over and directly into the center back of the net.

    Next, Alex writes this gem, “Assistant captain Jordan Chernesky, a Canuck from Edmonton, Alberta, managed to get ejected in the third period for delivering an elbow to an Oregon player who probably deserved what he got.” This is an ignorant response to a flagrant elbowing major penalty, and I need to go no further than point to the NHL’s punishment system for hits to the head that are similar to this. The amount of head injuries has been an increasing problem in all levels of hockey as players continue to get stronger, bigger, and faster, and it is commonplace for leagues to suspend players for 2-5 games and require players or teams to pay fines in the thousands of dollars in some cases for such violations. Saying a kid playing ACHA Div. II hockey (which provides no compensation to players or coaches for that matter) probably got what he deserved is just brutal. The player for the Ducks did not return to the game nor the shootouts as a result of injuries sustained from the hit.

    I do not generally like to nit-pick these type of reports on internet sites or blogs, but the title of the article set me off from the start. Again, these kids are playing hockey because they love it; they do not receive any type of compensation, and in fact, they pay their own dues around $1500 and up just to play for the season. So why the “Oregon Duck Bastards”? Sure there may be a healthy rivalry between the teams, but to call the Oregon team a bunch of bastards is very low-brow in my opinion. In my research and general knowledge of the rivalry between the teams, I can think of no instance where the Oregon camp has referred to the Huskies as anything other than the Huskies, so the name-calling does not seem justified.

    Alex, I suggest getting your facts straight before writing a piece that the whole world can read. Whether it’s hockey or not, a sport you’re familiar with or not, whatever it is, there is no place for lies or language like this.

  10. If you can’t appreciate the bitter rivalry between the Huskies and the Duck Bastards, then you shouldn’t be following sports, period.

    As for everything else you said, I appreciate your feedback.

  11. Plug I suggest you stop being such a pussy. As a player in this series I can tell you the ducks are no saints.

  12. PLUG:

    1:Alex is right, if you don’t enjoy rivalry’s… don’t follow sports. I enjoy hockey, football, and basketball games against WSU/Oregon more so then with Stanford. Why?? Because rivalry’s makes sports fun.

    2: Alex’s article here was a perfect example of quality sports journalism. He based his article off a movie which his readers can relate to and understand while showing the intensity of the game in his writing. In addition, you said it yourself “Alex may not be a hockey player” so don’t expect him to know every facet of the game. Furthermore Alex made NO reference to the “Triple-deke” so maybe you should take a moment… possibly two or three to “Check out the 7-minute mark” of the video where you will clearly see Herda enter the offensive zone forehand, go backhand, and shoot forehand. Sounds pretty similar to “Deking right, then left, the right-hander” though I would say how he wrote it was much more enjoyable to read.

    3: In regards to Jordan Chernesky elbow. Washington lost a player for the season during the series in Eugene back in November to a questionable hit. That’s hockey, the players from both teams deserve credit for playing the sport, but they all know the risks and its their choice to play.

    4:”I can think of no instance where the Oregon camp has referred to the Huskies as anything other than the Huskies”. DUMBEST MOST INACCURATE STATEMENT I HAVE EVER HEARD.
    I bring exhibit A:

    (Took 10 seconds on Google images… that was hard)

    So Plug, before ever writing a response to anything in your life again, please get your “facts straight”.

    Excellent article Alex. Keep up the good work!

    Oh and Plug, please read the directions on he condom wrapper once more before having sex again, you may have misunderstood them the first time through.
    There you go, you unroll it after you have placed it over the tip of the penis…

  13. Hold up fellas, who said I dont appreciate the rivalry? I think the rivalry is great, it makes hockey that much more fun, especially when games are close. As I said before, the only reason that I made a comment in the first place was that there are inaccuracies in this report, and that the Ducks do not deserve to be publicly addressed in a sports article as “Bastards”. Go on and call them what you will in the dressing room, but be professional when your writing supposed “unbiased” sports news.

    Jake, you’re intelligence astounds me. You’ll notice if you actually go back and read what the original article said, and then my response, that I was pointing out that Alex wrote, “Deking right, then left, the right-hander juked Oregon’s goalie just outside the crease and flipped a backhanded series-winner into the corner of the goal.” That would be a triple-deke from the mighty ducks movie, not an accurate description of what happened in real life, buddy. You yourself observed the shooter take a FOREHAND shot–NOT a backhand. And further, the puck went over the goalies stick into the CENTER of the net. If you want me to get more specific, there was no DEKING involved, that would be your basic, mite-level stickhandling before the shot was fired. I’m not surprised you found Alex’s version more enjoyable to read, but the facts are on the table and his version was untrue.

    Also, Jake, as a hockey player myself, I understand the risks involved. There’s no denying the danger involved in playing hockey, but to say an unsuspecting Oregon player “probably got what he deserved” when he was injured by a flagrant elbow isn’t right. Nobody deserves to get intentionally injured in the game, period.

    I’m glad you were able to successfully execute a google search though, you deserve a biscuit for that. But let’s again revisit what I wrote. I found no instance where the Huskies were ever referred to anything other than the Huskies, IN THE RIVALRY BETWEEN THE TWO TEAMS. We’re talking hockey here, not a mass produced t-shirt design that’s in every t-shirt shop and stadium for every major university and pro team. Check out This would be a play on words, so if you’re trying to tell me the Ducks Hockey Team made an original t-shirt about the UW Hockey Team calling them Fuskies you ought to be studied by science to determine how your peanut brain functions.

    So Jake, there you have it. You really opened yourself up for this one, and I’ll make a counter-suggestion to you…go pick up some See Spot Run books and learn to read before you make weak attempts to rip apart a solid argument. Boom, roasted.

  14. You honestly think that what we do here is “supposed ‘unbiased’ sports news,” do you? Get your facts straight. We are very biased and we’re more than just news. We’re an entertainment venue for Seattle sports fans, and we ourselves are Seattle sports fans, as well.

    Unbiased sports news, my ass. That’s an insult to everything we’ve tried to accomplish here at Seattle Sportsnet.

    I’m banning you from this website, Plug Report. Of course, there is no way for me to physically ban you, but in theory you are now banned. Everything you say will no longer be taken seriously and you are hereby labeled as a butthead from this point forward. You have no say in this matter so do not try and rebut. My word is final. Pwned.

  15. No one cares about the shitty I-5 cup both of those teams are garbage compared to any of the top teams in the west. Brutal shootout from shitty players.

  16. Who do you play for Timmy? The “Top teams in the West” all suck ass compared to the top Midwest teams, as nationals every year will show you. Eastern Washington went to nationals as one of the/the top team in the west and got beat by 7 goals or so. That was just one recent year I remember. Apparently they make it an annual tradition to get embarrassed on a national stage.So do you have a point or what?

  17. You’re right I’m a huge Oregon homer faggot and I can only get ugly girls like the ones on the U of O team.

    Timmy– you are a needle dick ass clown. The “best in the west” is like saying you’re the smartest kid with down syndrome. Midwest teams would come out west and clean up. Period.

    I should go fuck myself

  18. I was only comparing those teams to their closest competition. When is the last time a team from the pac 8 made it to nationals? When is the last time a team from the pac 8 beat anyone inside the top 3? West teams seem to make it out to the mid west and win their fair share of games yet the mid west never comes out west. Oh yea its because they don’t want to roll through powder puff teams like Oregon and UW….especially UW. Maybe if the west had more to offer than eastern plus the colorado schools.

  19. Talking out of your Ass again I see Timmy. They win their fair share of games in the Midwest? Who are you referring to? Who do you play/root for and what wins do you have to your name?You can’t possibly play for anyone outside the Northwest or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

  20. The top 3 teams in the west can compete with the rest of the country, but that’s not what I was getting at when I commented on how shitty those clubs are. The article is linked on hockey101 and that’s how I came across it. You are correct in saying I would never have come across this bum fuck article about bum fuck teams if there was no link. 2 points for you

  21. So let me get this straight, You think these teams are irrelevant and pointless to talk about, yet you read the long article and engaged in a posting pissing match based off of it? “Hey I’m Timmy and I’m not gay but I watched a video of 2 guys fucking and jerked off to it only because it was linked on a site I was reading. I don’t know why but I keep going back to the video and watching it and jerking and commenting on it.” -ASS-

  22. Your really cool. Not one relevant point about hockey which leads me to believe you know nothing about hockey. Your really cool.

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