Would You Like Some Sequins On Your Ichiro Designed T-Shirt?

The Mariners released their 2010 promotional schedule on Friday, and it contains some interesting giveaways. Here are a few highlights:

-Three (3) Ken Griffey, Jr. bobblehead nights

Including a 1989 rendition of Griffey (Apr. 16), a ’95 slide likeness (May 7), and a dual Junior/Ichiro “Cooperstown Bound” figurine (Jun. 18).

-Two (2) other bobblehead nights

Felix Hernandez (Apr. 30), and Ichiro (Aug. 27). So if you miss out on the Griffey bobbleheads, you can try to justify it with Felix or Ichiro. Which is hardly any justification at all.

-Military Coin Night (Apr. 17)

This giveaway in association with Salute to Armed Forces Night wouldn’t be that big a deal EXCEPT that it’s a post-game giveaway. Yeah. Makes no sense, right? Now it’s a battle to see which of you 20,000 fans can get out of the park the quickest.

-Ichiro Designed T-Shirt Night (May 1)

Which probably looks something like this:

Get it.

-Mariners Beach Towel Night (May 21)

I’m excited to see the backlash amongst fans when the video board instructs you to “WAVE THOSE TOWELS!!” and people get smacked in the face by their neighbor’s oversized piece of cloth.

-Ken Griffey, Jr. Retro T-Shirt Night (May 22)

This shirt better end up being as awesome as it sounds.

-Felix Hernandez Train Night (Jun. 4)

In case you missed out on any of the 50 or so other train nights the M’s have had in the past couple years.

-Singles Night/Mariners Baseball Card Set Night (Jun. 19)

The team figured they could kill two birds with one stone by holding trading card night on the same day that the ratio of creepy guys to everyone else is already much higher than usual.

As an individual who used to collect baseball cards AND is in a relationship, I take great offense to this.

-Ken Griffey, Jr. Backwards Cap Night (Jul. 8)

More astute fans will realize that this is also Ken Griffey, Jr. Forwards Cap Night, as well. It’s like getting two caps for the price of one.

-Mariners Trading Cards Night (Jul. 22)

In case you wanted to add to your card collection, but didn’t want roofies slipped into your $8 beer back in June.

-Salute To Kids Day/Franklin Gutierrez Jerseys for children 14 and under (Aug. 29)

Which has to have you wondering how many female fans will claim to be 14 on this particular afternoon. Whatever, you don’t look a day under 18, and that’s good enough for me.

-Salute To Latin America Beisbol Night (Sep. 18)

The Mariners’ version of Mexican Heritage Night. Ernie Kent will be throwing out the first pitch (heh).

-Oktoberfest/College Night (Sep. 30)

Another perfect example of killing two birds with one stone.

2 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Sequins On Your Ichiro Designed T-Shirt?”

  1. Mariners do the military coins postgame so that people don’t throw them on the field/at each other…which could really be done with any promo…but that’s their reasoning so I’ve heard

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