Rival Angels Waste Money On Joel Pineiro

Considered the best starting pitcher left on the free agent market, Joel Pineiro was signed yesterday to a two-year, $16 million deal by the Orange County Angels of San Luis Obispo.

Pineiro, who was really good in the National League and pretty crappy in the American League, is looking to solidify an Angels’ rotation that lost ace John Lackey to the Boston Red Sox.

Without wasting any time to look up stats, Pineiro was one of the better pitchers in the NL over the past two years while with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Prior to that, he enjoyed a short stint with the Boston Red Sox, as well as a number of years with your Seattle Mariners.

A once-promising prospect, Pineiro started his career with a bang, then, like a marriage gone awry, watched the magic fade fast.

Burdened by mechanical problems and various inconsistencies, Pineiro was shuttled back and forth between the bullpen and the rotation like a mistake baby with divorced, deadbeat parents.

Upon landing with the Cardinals in 2007, the Benny from The Sandlot lookalike (aka Luis from Mighty Ducks II) capitalized on the fact that one out of every nine batters can’t hit and did what a number of  average former-AL pitchers do in the junior circuit: succeed.

Proving that you can be pretty effective when your competition has been severely weakened, Pineiro went from being just okay to posting respectable numbers.

Of course, now that he’s back in the American League, where they have a thing called the designated hitter, expect the 31-year-old to return to his pre-2007 form and get hammered here and there.

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