The Unique Search Term List

"brian davis is a traitor"

From time to time, we like to bring you some of the more unique search terms to lead readers to Seattle Sportsnet. As always, these are actual search terms entered in by actual people who found their way to our site. Enjoy.

-“curvaceous women”

-“harden asu bong”

-“guys ass” (I should note that this is the second time this search term has made one of these lists. Additionally, this term led people to our site every day for a week straight.)

-“lando calrissian”

-“college nude scandal”

-“what is better, kjr or espn”

-“aquatic mammal photos”

-“ernie kent affair”

-“chris kaman”

-“butt ugly” (Perhaps the same person who searched for “chris kaman.”)

-“hot young”

-“pinocchio nose”

-“when is reggie bush a free agent in 2010” (I love this one. It’s like they answered their own question, or had a two-parter with no responses. “When is Reggie Bush a free agent? In 2010?”)

-“lard ass”

-“bob ley”

-“replica blow model sunglasses” (I don’t know what this is, exactly, but it sounds freakin awesome.)

-“hangover fat jesus”

-“straight black guys and white guys”

-“brian davis is a traitor”

-“80’s tv shows”

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