Punting: A Dennis Bounds Exclusive

Those of you who read Sports Illustrated on a regular basis may have noticed a familiar name in the ‘Letters’ section of this week’s issue.

Commenting on an article on punters from a previous issue, KING TV news anchor Dennis Bounds unveiled his gridiron genius by recognizing the Washington State University football team.

Bounds’ letter is printed as follows:

“In the 2003 Holiday Bowl, Washington State’s Kyle Basler punted seven times for a 40.1 average, and five of those punts were inside the Texas 20-yard line. Basler was named MVP of the game for keeping the Longhorns pinned in their own territory.”

Bounds has been an institution at KING TV for nearly two decades. He got his start with the station in 1991, becoming a co-anchor of the nightly news program by 1994.

A graduate of the University of North Dakota in 1974, Bounds now makes his home in Redmond and can be found on Twitter by clicking here (that’s how you know he’s famous!).

His sports knowledge isn’t just limited to Cougar football, however.

In 1996, Bounds reported and anchored from the summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, as well as the NBA Finals in Chicago. In the past, he has also served as a board member for the Washington chapter of the Special Olympics.

As for Basler’s performance in the ’03 Holiday Bowl, Bounds stated that it was “one of the most underappreciated performances in the most underappreciated bowl upset of that season,” when contacted via email by Seattle Sportsnet.

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