Any Hostesses Available Monday? Show Terrence Jones Some Love

Terrence Jones

If you’re looking for something to do this MLK Day, why not head over to the University of Washington campus and check out the King Holiday Hoopfest at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.

If you’re a Husky fan, one game that should pique your interest is a matchup on the boys side between top-ranked Federal Way (No. 1 in the state in Class 4A) and Jefferson High School of Portland, Ore.

Jefferson is the defending Class 5A state champion in Oregon, but more importantly features forward Terrence Jones, a senior who is being heavily pursued by the Dawgs (among many others).

An athletic big bodied talent (6’8″, 220 lbs), Jones is one of the top recruits in the nation (ranked No. 6 at his position by, No. 15 in his class by ESPN) and could probably use a little convincing by the Washington faithful to don the purple-and-gold next season. Hence the title of this post. Which is mostly a joke. But you know…couldn’t hurt, right?

Hostesses aside, it wouldn’t hurt for Husky fans to turn out in droves for this one. Make signs, cheer for the kid, and let him know that UW is a great place to play basketball.

If you’re a Dawg Pack member, attending this contest is a MUST! Part of your Dawg Pack duties. Get out there and make it happen!

And on a side note, if you’re a good-looking girl with good-looking friends, don’t be afraid to show a little skin. I’m betting this kid has a penis, and he probably has plans to use it when he gets to college.

So mark your virtual calendar. Tip-off is at 6:00 PM Monday night (which would be tomorrow, at the time of printing) and tickets are affordable — $10 for adults, $6 if you’re a UW student. Terrence Jones, remember the name!

Go Dawgs!

6 thoughts on “Any Hostesses Available Monday? Show Terrence Jones Some Love”

  1. “I’m betting this kid has a penis, and he probably has plans to use it when he gets to college.” Could very well be my favorite line ever written on SSN.

  2. Hah, thanks. I’m glad the good ones don’t go unnoticed. Hopefully, we can all now move past the fact that athletes — unlike us laymen — undoubtedly plow their way through four amazing years at college.

  3. I remember Isaiah Thomas last spring leaving the IMA in the midst of a 3 game winning streak to “get bitches.”

  4. Yeah, so… Terrence Jones kind of seems to have an attitude problem. Swearing at his teammates when they scored but didn’t pass him the ball… it wasn’t cool.

  5. I didn’t witness this game in person, myself, so I’m not one to comment. But for now, we’ll chalk up this attitude to sexual frustration. Let’s get it together, hostesses.

  6. We were there! Lexi and I showed up and it was HOT. We even had a heart sign with his name in it.

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