Source: Zaloumis To Leave FSN

A source close to Nicole Zaloumis has reported that the local television analyst will be leaving Fox Sports Northwest in early February.

Zaloumis, otherwise known as the female Hugh Millen, has been an icon on the Seattle airwaves since 2008. She recently gave birth to a son in September, and it is currently unknown as to where her career path will go from here.

A fixture on Mariners telecasts in each of the past two seasons, Zaloumis has been a roving reporter for FSN, providing on-field insight as well as studio analysis.

Upon returning from maternity leave in November, Zaloumis’ role with the station appeared to be in limbo. She was recently spotted as a sideline reporter for the 2009 High School State Football Championships at the Tacoma Dome, a veritable step down from the work she did prior to spawning a baby.

In winters past, Zaloumis had played a larger role in FSN’s college basketball broadcasts, something she has not done as frequently this year.

Though many fans, Seattle Sportsnet included, will sincerely lament Zaloumis’ departure, we can only hope that she will find her way to a place that better utilizes her talents. Clearly, that wasn’t being done at FSN, and it’s time that this butterfly flew from the coop and blossomed.

We leave with you this piece of reporting from Zaloumis, as she discusses what it’s like to work the two-hole with Russell Branyan.

7 thoughts on “Source: Zaloumis To Leave FSN”

  1. I been curious why we haven’t seen Nicole Zamoumis pretty face on Mariner Telecasts this season so i started browsing this web site….
    Why was she released? Like Erin Andrews guys like to see her on the sidelines!
    She was just as good as FSN’s Angie Mentic or Jen Meuler….and Angie was still back after having A couple kids since she has been hired, anouther person who wasn’t a bad reporter either was Cara Caprioni??? or whatever her name was!

  2. To try and answer your question, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Zaloumis may not have had the best attitude when it came to her job here in Seattle. She’s not a Seattle native, and more than a few sources have told me that she viewed this city as a launchpad for the rest of her career, meaning she had no desire to stay here any longer than she had to.

    That said, I’d wager that having a baby and going on maternity leave put her role at FSNW in jeopardy, and that combined with the economy (the basis for all firings these days, it seems) likely made Zaloumis expendable. Considering that the network has not replaced her (they instead have given expanded roles to stand-bys like Tom Glasgow and Jen Mueller), I’d say that it’s pretty clear that in spite of her job performance, this cut was more money motivated than anything else.

  3. Last year FSN ran a commercial most of the season featuring Nicole Zaloumis whom said” I wouldn’t trade this job for the world”
    Evedentialy something came up.. If it was because she took maternity leave last fall…then why wasn’t Angie Mentic ?sp.dismissed after she’s taken it at least two times!
    She was a Erin Andrews type of reporter and many guys will miss her!

  4. Well, Nicole has landed on The Big Ten Network. Noticed her ample statuesque body while watching football highlights. A buddy text-ed me to ask who she was. Now we know what all of Seattle was keeping a secret!

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