An Empty Blog For The Husky Men’s Basketball Team

I’m going to put as much effort into this post as the Husky men’s basketball team has put into their past two games:

Note the line of blank space. It’s a metaphor. (For the record, I wanted about 50 lines of blank space, but my post editor can’t handle that, apparently.)

Also, here’s a short list of people I’d rather see in a Huskies uniform besides Matthew Bryan-Amaning:

Fidel Castro


Jim McIlvaine

Jim Varney

Emmanuel Lewis

Bob Saget

Jose Feliciano

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Darth Vader

Anne Hathaway

Corbin Bernsen

You’re dead to me, MBA. Dead. To. Me.

15 thoughts on “An Empty Blog For The Husky Men’s Basketball Team”

  1. Jose Feliciano! Yes! While blind, at least he can play the hell out of that guitar…unlike MBA, who is just worthless.

  2. Yea MBA gets bitched worse than Marcellus Wallaca in the basement of that pawn shop. But approximately 2-3 times a week.

  3. Is it just me, or did Elston Turner get hazed before the game with that horrendous haircut? Of all the fro-hawk wearers, his was definitely the worst.

  4. Isaiah is only linked to this post because I needed to find a recent picture of the Huskies looking like they just failed.

  5. These guys should have spent more time shooting and less time playing music, creating videos, playing video games, and working on their pre-game dance moves.

  6. Dear Romar,
    Please stop being racist and start recruiting white guys that come out of strong AAU systems of coaching and understand how to play as a team. Not elite street ballers.


  7. Melodie (3 comments up) says it all.

    Where’s the team play? If I want to watch a 1 on 1 game, I’ll turn on the NBA. Just because you can break another guy down off the dribble (or supposed to be able to) doesn’t mean that the TEAM will be better. They need TEAM players!

  8. As an ASU fan, I really enjoyed the weekend performance of your Dawgs. However, I was hoping they would turn it around yesterday and beat Team Mexico yesterday. I also enjoyed the ruthless heckling of ineffective guard Venoy Overton Friday night. I’m sure you will be more than happy to return the favor when Glasser and ASU come to town.

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