We’ll Always Have Mexico

Eh, I'd say she was about a cuatro. Maybe a cinco if she lost a few pounds.

Scene: Oregon player commits a foul, looks at Coach Ernesto, and gives him the “I didn’t commit a foul at all!” look. Ernesto, in response to his player’s action, barks at the ref.

Fan A: He’s lying to you, Ernie! He committed the foul! Honesty starts from the top down, it starts with the coach! Honesty is the best policy!

Fan B: That was for Mrs. Kent.

Crowd: Ooooohhh….

Don’t need to name any names here, but that sequence was really uttered by Dawg Pack members today, and I figured it would lighten the mood a little bit.

We lost, but hey, there are more important things. Like family for one. Or marriage, perhaps. Or integrity. Most of us will leave the arena in good standing with all three of those life components today. But one person will not. And we all know who that person esta.

To briefly sum up the contest at hand, the Huskies played like crap. Absolute poop. Rolled over and died. They only (only, I say ‘only’ like it’s okay, but it’s really not) turned the ball over nine times, but it seemed more like 19. They couldn’t build a flow on offense, they gave up bucket after bucket on D, and they lacked any and all intensity. It was a bad day. Everyone has them.

Getting back on topic here, let’s refocus on Mexico.

Now I don’t want you to think that just because the Huskies lost, that means we have to give Ernesto a free pass. Not by any means. Don’t forget, this man cheated on his wife, lied about a recruiting trip, and basically took advantage of the hospitality of our neighbors to the south in the process (ungrateful).

If that doesn’t float your boat, consider this. Without Ernie Kent (and, in fairness, a half-willing partner), Jordan Kent is never spawned, and we all know that Jordan Kent is the reason the Seahawks suck. Think about it. Ever since Tim Ruskell took a flier on Jordan Kent in the draft a few years ago, the team has been garbage. So it’s all his fault, and in turn Ernie’s fault. Logic, folks, logic.

On another note, I’d like to thank everyone who showed up for the Dawg Pack photo shoot(s) earlier today. We got started at 8:00 AM and continued throughout the morning, right up until game time. Chris, our photographer, was amazed at the level of energy all of you brought to the table from the get-go, and I’m confident that the University of Washington will be very well represented in ESPN The Magazine’s fan issue later this month. Seriously, all of you guys deserve recognition for what you did for the school, the team, and the student body today. I’m proud to say I was associated with it. Thank you, each and every one of you.

As for the images themselves, they should be available online (ESPN.com) sometime later this month, and the issue itself should hit newsstands in late-January/early-February. I’ll keep you all updated right here with every piece of info I get from ESPN.

One final piece of positive news to spread. Let’s take a look on the bright side, for a minute. If Ernie keeps leading his team to victory like this, he might just stick around for a few more years. And that’s great news for us, and horrible news for Ernie. Win or lose, we’ll always have Mexico.

2 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Mexico”

  1. And one more thing. Oregon fans may be happy today, but I guarantee you that they will seriously be pissed off when this issue of ESPN The Magazine comes out. Shitting bricks, most likely.

    If you’re a Husky fan, a Cougar fan, or just a general Oregon hater, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you read The Mag’s fan issue later this month. From our “Just Blew It” Rose Bowl/Nike Swoosh sign, to the “Nunca Olvide/Never Forget,” to “ESPN8 The Ocho (Ernesto Seeking Proper Nuptials),” to the smug grin of Ernesto himself directly above a message of “Si Se Puede” (Yes We Can), to all the sombreros, you’ll have a good laugh. Thank you, ESPN.

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